Like Giants: Goals, Walkers and Cliques

like-giants-interview-golden-mixtapeIt’s rare that I’d be meeting anyone but Ashley at the mall on a Saturday. I don’t have a social calendar or a little black book, so if I told my mom I was meeting five dudes on the weekend, she’d laugh and call me a liar. Alas, I did meet five dudes at the mall last weekend. Don’t worry, no illegal activity went down. I just got to know Like Giants, a band that calls SoCal home, makes me feel old and who are proud South Park fans.

Bill, that’s not anyone in Like Giants, it’s the man in the wheelchair I chatted with as Goo Goo Dolls played into Christina Aguilera. It was clear that middle school Kendra was picking the mall’s soundtrack that day. As the boys trickled in, we planted outside next to the planters and discussed everything from their day jobs (Anthony and Paul work, Eric just quit his job and Stav and Keyjun get educated full time), to the sore subjects in their band practices. For the record, this probably isn’t the smartest thing to ask when you have every member of the band in your presence. Basically there’s sometimes tension when they write, Anthony can be a bit of a dictator, never tell Stav he sucks at guitar and under no circumstance are you to spill beer on Paul’s bass case. I took those as mental notes.

Besides all that, we gabbed like gal pals when it came to crushes. Fireworks has been the only other band to be so fast with picking boy crushes. If you must know; Eric loves Jude Law, 90’s Bruce Willis and 90’s Harrison Ford (yes, a trio), Stav lusts after Adam Levine, Keyjun is a man about the ink with Travis Barker, Paul digs Bruce and I think Anthony does too.

By now you’re thinking, is there anymore I could possibly learn about these Like Giants fellows? Well of course there is, I wouldn’t leave you with just that. I mean I could, but I won’t because I want you to continue to get to know Like Giants, for they’re a band that appreciates Limp Bizkit, could find their way in high school if Lost (promise that’ll make sense later), have goals and well, so much more. Just keep your eyes on the prize and read on. Oh, and ladies, if you went to junior high with any of the Like Giants guys, you’re not going to want to skip this.

Kendra: Being relatively a new band still are there any horror stories you’ve heard from other bands that you fear will eventually be something you all will experience that you haven’t yet?

Anthony: Shit I don’t know. Do you want to take this?

Eric: Obvious being a band this long, we do hear a lot of different horror stories; really band tour experiences, really bad experiences in general with certain bands. I don’t want to get completely into detail but yeah, I mean bad things can happen and we just do our best to stray away from it. I mean we’ve had our fair share of just live incidents with instruments breaking or Paul, our bassist, going crazy and smashing someone’s face.

Kendra: When you first started the band, what was the first realistic goal you set out to achieve and have you achieved it or are you still working on it?

Anthony: Our first goal was to get picked up by a record label and, well not really get picked up by a record label, but a long term goal would be that we wanted to get signed, and go out on the road and play across the US. Do stuff like that; get our music out to as many people as possible. We have not achieved that yet. We’ve played shows in other places than just Los Angeles, and we’ve gotten our music out there through the internet, but now it’s time that we need to go out and actually play other places.

Kendra: Besides playing other places, are there any other goals?

Anthony: To rule the world

Kendra: if your latest album was in a clique in high school which one would it be in and why?

Stav: I think we’d probably be the kids that hang out with everyone. It’s like we are now. If our new record were a clique, it’d be like the wanderers. Not in like in a popular way, but in a “oh it’s you guys.” I think our sound would be cool with everybody if it were in high school; it wouldn’t have different hate a certain group. When we wrote our music we definitely put in a bunch of styles, heavier sounds, softer sounds and our vocals are influenced by melodies from poppy, to rock. So we kind of mixed everything together with our music. So I think if it were in high school it’d be a mix of everything.

Kendra: How was it to play The Troubadour? Did you get a bit emotional, teary eyed?

Anthony: We actually played our very first show there and to go back two years later with the release of our most recent EP, the Lost EP, it was really cool. We brought out a lot people and it was cool. I was emotional because I was sick, so I threw up. But yeah The Troubadour was really cool. It’s a great place to play.

Stav: I’ve seen Rise Against there, and I’ve seen Angels and Airwaves there. So going to play there, not just our first show, but our EP release show, I wouldn’t say it was emotional but a very cool, humbling experience to play there.  Knowing that people I’ve idolized played on that same stage and I was able to do that. And also the day we played that show the Broncos got kicked out of the Super Bowl, so I probably cried a little bit.

Paul: I’ve been playing in bands off and on for 10 years and The Troubadour was really one of the last venues that I hadn’t played at. So it was pretty emotional to get there and play, and to be like, hey, I’ve played every major venue out in this area. So that was pretty cool.

Kendra: You played that show with a local band I’ve taken a liking to, Sink Swim. Is there a lot of love between you guys and other SoCal bands?

Eric: Sink Swim, they’re great guys; we love them. We’re planning on playing more shows with them. They’re cool and their music’s amazing. We just have a bunch of friends in local bands and we’ve made friends with a lot of bands. We’re from the same area and we’re going through the same stuff, so it’s cool to just be able to connect with those people on that level.

Anthony: One of our best friend’s band, Lions Tigers Bears, I’ve grown up with all those kids and I’ve known them since I was like 2-3 years old. So it’s cool. Not only have we met them through this but we’ve met a bunch of other bands, such as Sink Swim. We have a couple shows with them coming up and we played a couple shows with them. But other than them, Compare Contrast, our friends in the Hard Knocks. We’ve met a lot of cool people and we actually became really good friends with a lot of them.

Kendra: I feel like I’m always trying to start some war when I bring this up but…do you ever feel east coast bands treat west coast bands any different?

Eric: Yes and no just because there are a lot of…as a band that’s always kind of in the way. You see a lot of potential out there on the east coast as oppose to here. But in general, there’s just a ton of bands around and you just have to do something different. So I feel like the scene out there is developing differently and it’s kind of taken a more positive turn. So I mean we’ve never personally been treated different in that sense, but you kind of do sense the ego a bit. It’s good for them and their success.

Stav: Just to add on, not to start a war or something but it just seems like all the east coast bands that do end up making it, move out to the west coast. That’s all I’m saying.

Paul: I was just saying. Most of all the really big bands that have long term success; a lot of them come from the west coast rather than the east coast. Signed bands that have been playing for 15 years, most of those bands are west coast bands.

Keyjun: I think that out of all, California, Hollywood scene, we would have the egos. Not saying our band, but around the Hollywood area, there are a lot of bands that you can kind of see they have their heads kind of blown up. Back to what Paul was saying…

Paul: Bands do need that ego side, that bigger than life side because that’s what pulls people in. So you kind of have to be a little standoffish at times, but for the most part people are people and when it comes down to it, most musicians are pretty down to earth and like to play music.

Kendra: So not that we’ve bashed the east coast, will you guys be heading there and playing outside California soon?

Anthony: We have no plans of that right now. We’re trying to plan a west coast tour. The east coast is cool though. I’ve had a lot friends that are in touring bands that go out there and they love it. The scene out there, everyone eats it up. But hopefully we’ll get out there sometime sooner than later.

Kendra: Are you working on any new music right now?

Anthony: Yes, we’re actually working on some new music. We have about six, five or six new songs or maybe seven. We’re gonna record an acoustic song very soon and release that before we release anything completely new, but we do have some stuff coming up in the near future.

Kendra: Once you started the band, were shows still something you’d go to for fun or did you start going more with marketing Like Giants in mind?

Anthony: I still go to shows as much as I can. I love going and seeing bands play just because it helps me in a way. I can see what’s going on, and how people present themselves on stage; whether it’s a bigger show or a smaller show. It’s all a learning experience every time you go, not necessarily to I promote the band. I’ll go out to the show to go to the show, especially if I’m going to someone that I really like, really love.

Stav: I saw Maroon 5 last night.

Eric: For the record, Adam Levine is a gorgeous, gorgeous man.

Paul: For me personally, I’ve never really liked going to local shows. I mean, I really like going to see bands that are like big, but it’s an occasion thing for me. I prefer to be playing the show. I’d rather play a show every day than go see a show every day.

Kendra: Anthony and anyone else who’d like to chime in. With that Nightmare Before Christmas cake…Who would your ideal Sally be and of course why?

Eric: Angeline Jolie. I just think she’s the most beautiful woman and she’s probably really sweet too. She might be mean, but still, that’s mine.

Anthony: My “Sally” would be…I’m torn between the two here, either Hayley Williams or Lana Del Rey. I’m gonna have to go with Hayley because I love Paramore and I their music and I think Hayley is a great singer and songwriter. She’s just amazing.

Stav: My girl “Sally” would be Adam Levine. No, I’d go with Jennifer Lawrence because she’s gorgeous and I think she’s really funny when she does interviews, and I want to meet her tomorrow.

Paul: I’m gonna have to go with Kate Beckinsale because I yeah…I mean I can’t get the image of Underworld out of my head.

Keyjun: I’d have to say my girl “Sally” would have to be Sara Fabel, an amazing tattoo artist. You should go check out her work.

Kendra: I saw you post about The Walking Dead and Dexter…So if you had to choose a guest spot, would it be a walker or one of Dexter’s victims?

Eric: I would love Michael C. Hall’s hands all over me.

Anthony: I’d love for Michael C. Hall to cut me up.

Paul: Well the whole plot of the season is for him to kill the crazy bad guy. So I think I’d probably be the crazy bad guy.

Stav: I’d be a walker under the contingency that I was walking and Michonne very gracefully cut off my head. Other than that, if that didn’t happen, I’d rather be a victim.

Keyjun: I’d be a walker for sure because I don’t really watch Dexter so I can’t say much about that. Everybody’s looking at me like I’m a freak now.

Anthony: I’d much rather be a victim on Dexter. I love that show and I’m very excited that it’s starting in June this year. So that’s a couple more months, so yes.

Kendra: Since we’re in a mall frequented by middle school kids, I want you to give me your favorite songs from middle school and to put on a mixtape, and if you could go ahead and say your middle school crush, go.  

Middle School Mixtape:
: NOFX “Bottles to the Ground
Keyjun: Blink-182 “Feeling This
Anthony: Cartel “Runaway
Eric: The Used “Let It Bleed
Stav: Blink-182 “Wendy Clear

Middle School Crush Confessions:
: Laura
Keyjun: Michelle
Anthony: “His name was Nicole”
Eric: Merita
Stav: Kristen


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