Nobody Yet: Jurassic Goodbyes & Dapper Tours

nobody-yet-interview-golden-mixtapeToday I ate nothing but garlic bread and Girl Scout cookies. I somehow think a couple of bowls of Cheerios counterbalances the clogging that’s taking place in my arteries though. So as I sit with my health deteriorating from bad food choices, I end my day with some music from Nobody Yet. Their album Say Your Goodbyes came out last year in July, and I’m bummed I missed it then, but glad to have crossed paths with it now. Songs like “You’ll Have to Kill Me First” are as if All Time Low and The Matches had a baby. Think about the fun pop side of ATL mixed with the eccentricity of The Matches, and there you go.

Other than having a new record in my possession, I got to know more about Nobody Yet through their middle man Joe. I am assuming since he sings, he stands in the middle. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen them. They’re based in Philly and haven’t made their way to California yet. Other than their locale, I found out that they’ve found a second guitarist named Lyle Barner, if you stand still at a Nobody Yet show the band will grind their unmentionables in your face and they think high school kids look a lot older nowadays. Joe also talked pizza, music, dinosaurs and more, so continue on for all that good stuff!

Kendra: I’m going to put your love of pizza to the test. If your latest album Say Your Goodbyes was a pizza, what would it consist of; toppings, sauces, deep pan, etc?

Joe: If we had to describe our album like a pizza, we would say it’s got tons of meat on it, no vegetables because we aren’t little bitches, and that shit would be deep as fuck. The crust would most certainly have garlic on it and tons of parmesan cheese.  You could only special order this pizza, and it is so large that we have to cut it into slices to fit into a box that will fit through the door.

Kendra: I saw you recently played a high school. Kids that age can be a terror…Did you make it out unscarred?

Joe: Hahahaha, I’m pretty sure we were the ones doing the scarring; especially for the moms and dads in the room.  We had to edit our set (we decided not to tell the audience, “Are you ready to get fucked?”) because we would have probably been kicked out. But we basically jumped off every table, slammed into every sitting person, and moved as randomly and frantically as possible. But honestly, Newtown High School has literally the biggest (maybe not literally haha because some are quite thin) Nobody Yet fans and it’s an honor to play for them. They sing EVERY SINGLE WORD to our songs.  We are from Philly, so to hear that in Philly is incredible, but to hear it in Connecticut brings tears to our eyes.  We especially love them because when we tell them to jump, they fucking jump. So cool.

Kendra: How did the Battle of the Bands go last weekend? I didn’t see any sort of update on the matter. Don’t keep me in suspense (unless you’ve already posted the results by the time you answer this…then let me know what it was like to play and all that jazz)

Joe: Well, to be honest, I lost my voice and basically had to force/scream the lyrics when I could. I’ve been getting sick this winter, and it definitely affected my voice. But… with that being said, we fucking slayed the audience. If anyone ever thinks not having a voice would slow us down, they’re fuckin’ idiots.  You’d have to kill us first (see “You’ll Have To Kill Me First” sucker).  Anyway, we felt confident because we had fun jumping around and getting the crowd involved. Although our vocals struggled, we were tight with the performance and the crowd gave us a great response; so we were satisfied even if we didn’t advance. Anyway, to answer your question… we did make it to the next round! The second round is scheduled on March 24th at Soundwave Studios in Union, NJ. We just posted the full show details in our events tab on Facebook.

Kendra: Any plans to do the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for Warped Tour?

Joe: We’ve actually signed up for that in the past. Battle of the Bands are never our most favorite shows because the judging is never 100% “clean” and there are many factors that can hurt bands.  If you live 2 hours away, it’s almost impossible to have outstanding ticket sales. Let’s face it; these battles are set up to get MONEY.  We look at these shows as a way to gain more fans, and basically, it’s just another show. If we win, fuck yeah. If we don’t, we’re just going to keep playing shows and touring. An opportunity to perform on Warped Tour would be a dream come true and we are definitely working toward that goal.

Kendra: You all dress so dapper. Was that a choice the band made or did one of you say, hey…we need to class our appearance up a bit?

Joe: Haha, why thank you! To be honest, I have always liked to wear ties, and I just think it looks cool for bands to dress up. When we were writing our album, I asked the band if they would be cool with carrying out our concept on every level. Starting with our songs, to merch designs, stage setup, album artwork, and how we dressed on stage. We think it fits our concept and frankly, we think we look cool.  There is nothing wrong with bands that wear t-shirts, but we prefer to dress up a bit more.  Not that other bands don’t care, but we are proud to show that we are here to give a show, and if you think we just roll out of bed and get up on stage, you are very wrong.  We take our band very seriously and have a TON of fun handling it that way.  Most importantly, we think it’s fun to dress up.  I’ll admit it is fun to see people’s reactions to how we dress; it’s almost like they are intrigued to hear what we have to say.

Kendra: Speaking of dressing dapper I wrote these while watching the Oscars, so if you could do a song for a movie that already exists, which would it be and why? Other than Jurassic Park…

Joe: Hahaha… we’re so pumped you know what we like!  Well, we already wrote songs quoting Watchmen, and A Clockwork Orange.  That’s a tough question but I think our style would possibly fit into The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. We dig that movie and took a ton of inspiration from it.  We like faster songs so we’d probably find a scene where something chaotic is going on. That pretty much fits our sound… “chaotic.”  We’ve also commented that “The Fall Of The Great Wall (I Guess I’m Human After All)” is a bit reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands.

Kendra: What’s with all your shows being Friday-Sunday? Does that have to do with day jobs and/or school?

Joe: Honestly, our dream is to play every single night of the year. Unfortunately, most venues only have shows on the weekends, and many venues that do have weeknight shows are a little bit too grand-scale for us.  We are working toward that goal, but for now we do have day jobs. Every day we try to meet new people and gain new contacts that will help us book shows at cool all-age venues on weeknights. Although, we ditch our jobs every chance we get to play so hopefully you’ll notice our weeknight shows picking up in the near future!

Kendra: Are there any upcoming plans to do a full on tour?

Joe: A full on tour is definitely a goal of ours and when we gain the contacts to book our own tours, or when we acquire a booking agent, we will do it.  Right now we book everything ourselves and we are still working on developing relationships with contacts that can help us book shows up and down the east coast. Years ago we booked a 2 week tour up and down the east coast and currently we book small trips to Maryland, Connecticut, and other areas, but we are definitely open to touring basically anywhere. If anyone can help us, we’d be grateful!

Kendra: Thoughts on Jurassic Park 4?

Joe: We love Jurassic Park, so we will definitely go see it. However, none are as good as the first, so we don’t have silly expectations for it.  We’ll probably have a party and play the theme song at a show to celebrate too.

Kendra: Going to have to bring up dinos again. If you had to make a mixtape for a ride through Jurassic Park, what five songs would you want on the mixtape for your journey?

Joe: These bands are definitely influential to our band and we fucking love these songs:
Hell Above” Pierce The Veil
Time to Dance” Panic! At The Disco
Welcome Home” Coheed And Cambria
The Walking Wounded” Bayside
I’m Still Amazed” The Venetia Fair

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