Lewis Watson: Sad Songs, Beyonce and Observations

lewis-watson-interview-golden-mixtapeLiving in the desert for 18 years of my existence, I’m pretty used to the idea of the wild. Coyotes howling at night and killing off every pet rabbit I ever had, tumbleweeds chasing me from bus stops and climbing mountains in the middle of summer with no water bottles (horrible idea by the way). Okay, none of that happened for 18 years because I only enjoyed the outdoors from about ages 5-10. It was about that time that we got real cable and I turned to music. So now the only wild I’m experiencing these days happens to be from Lewis Watson thanks to his EP that drops in a couple months, The Wild.

Lewis is a singer songwriter that has been able to captivate fans, and build his fanbase steadily over the past couple years. This kid, well young adult, is a force that’s has already given some big names a run for their money on the charts; of course, more on that later. If you haven’t heard of this UK gem, then I have the great pleasure of introducing the two of you. Yes, just you. Don’t you feel special? You should. Read on to learn more about the newest talent to win over your ears and heart; Lewis Watson and find out who he’d spend time in the woods with, his thoughts on Bieber and of course his music.

Kendra: Being a young guy, a young attractive guy, you’re going to get a ton of fangirls who might treat you as if you were a Justin Bieber type. How do you handle all the female attention?

Lewis Watson: Haha, you’re too kind! I’ve never really had this attention before so I can’t help but love it but I hope I’m not seen as a Justin Bieber type. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but he’s seen as a bit of a pleb, doesn’t he?

Kendra: You seem like a humble guy. How’d you manage to not let outselling artists like Adele and Ed Sheeran go to your head…or did you? Just kidding. 

Lewis: Ah, thank you! It was crazy but it WAS just for one day. That’s like being ahead of Usain Bolt in a 100m sprint for a meter, you know? Of course I’m very proud because I never thought that would happen but I don’t think it’s enough to give me a big head… yet. Haha, I kid, I’ve told everybody around me to punch me in the neck if I’m ever like that; my biggest fear.

Kendra: What can fans expect from The Wild when it drops April 2nd, more sad songs?

Lewis: It’s an EP with some more of the stripped back, acoustic songs but we’re drip-feeding some more production in. I’ve always wanted to be in a band and I think it really helps make everything sound a bit bigger, but it’s not me changing at all; just adding to the sound.

Kendra: Getting a little away from music for a second. If you were lost in the actual wild with one other musician, who would it be and why?

Lewis: Probably Beyonce, she’s a fox.

Kendra: Back on track, like me you’re an observer. I like to do my life observation on the bus, what about you?

Lewis: I used the bus for about four hours a day when I was at college, and I used that time to observe too. But now I’m on the train or driving most of the time and that’s where I do most of my thinking. It’s just quiet, you know? I can have my earphones in and just zone out, it’s nice.

Kendra: Who do you look up to as far as performing goes? Like who did you watch growing up and say, man I want to be like that on stage?

Lewis: At the moment it’s probably Matt Corby, his stage presence is just so admirable and he has an incredible set of lungs. As a kid? It was probably Jacko but I know I could never do that on stage, I’m an awful dancer haha.

Kendra: Let’s circle back to The Wild and have you give me the top 5 songs you’d put on a mixtape for a camping trip, go!

Lewis: For a camping trip? Haha, probably:
Ben Howard “Only Love
Bon Iver “Re: Stacks
Phoenix “Girlfriend
Michael Jackson “Rock With You” (for those campfire parties)
Letlive. “Muther


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