Anton Kellner’s Lone Stars, Intimidations and Food Obsessions

anton-kellner-interview-golden-mixtapeThis week’s series of interviews only had one thing in common, a Grammy question. Oh and a mixtape, other than that  I’ve given you a alt-Hip-Hopper, a crooner and now a man who was a part of a Christian band for two years, but has chosen to branch out and venture into other things; Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars. Financial problems played a huge role in leading Anton away from his Christian outlet, Holding Onto Hope, and into the arms of what he felt better doing.

Anton confided in me (okay not confide because we’re not BFFs at a slumber party), but he did say, “If you were to look at my iTunes, from year 2008 up until now, you would have never guessed that I would be playing heavy music. So, I finally created something that I would actually enjoy listening to…”

Now in a place and both personally and musically that fits him well, Anton is ready to take on 2013 with open arms. So as you know, if you keep on keeping on you’ll learn a lot more about faith, studio intimidation, Indian food and more.

Kendra: So when you started writing Sequences, what was your mindset? I mean you’d just left this band you’d been with for years; you were starting something new…

Anton Kellner: Well, Sequences was written over a span of some years, both when I was on tour, and at home. I wrote all of those songs about an emotion/experience I was feeling on a certain day. There is really no theme to the album, just about different emotions written in a fictional yet non-fictional way and compiled together. I was really content in these tracks and thought people would enjoy them, and if they didn’t, hell, I did!

Kendra: “Staining” seemed like a song about lost faith, any truth to that?

Anton: That is such a good question, many people ask me about that song. There is definitely some loss to it, but not in full. Long story short, the song is about the flaws in organized religion. I personally have not lost faith in what I believe in, but I have witnessed some things that have tainted my perspective on organized religion. Before Holding Onto Hope, I never was a part of the Christian music industry (which is a very big money making industry) so when I joined it, I had no idea it was going to be what it turned out to be. There is a very dark side to it. To sum it up, that is what “Staining” is about!

Kendra: A question ago I asked about your personal mindset, but what about your professional mental state recording at Cue Studios where acts like 311 and Michael Jackson recorded. Did just being in that space hit you with creativity?

Anton: I have never ever in my life, recorded at a place like Cue Studios. When you walk in there, you feel as though you are a part of history. They have like five different huge studio rooms, within one studio. They have so many old time, and natural instruments, to get that good organic tone. It’s crazy! I wanted to find a place that would best fit the direction and overall tones of Sequences.

Kendra: Your Lone Stars, now are they forever rotating around or will they be the same people for a long time?

Anton: They have been rotating for quite some time now; however, I have made up my mind on official permanent members. Some of them being from my old band Holding Onto Hope, and others from the indie band Briertone. I cannot wait to take over 2013!

Kendra: Like, will the Lone Stars who were in the studio also be the same ones heading out on tour with you?

Anton: Not quite. Possibly one of them, Louis Diller, who produced the album and performed drums on it. His other band is called Holychild. Everyone needs to go check them out!

Kendra: Will there be a tour soon?

Anton: Sooner than later yes! I have a few more things to work on before we hit the road. I want to say late summer.

Kendra: Breaking away from music for a second, I recently read about a 25 year old in Australia who lost all his teeth due to his soda addiction. Is there any food to you that’s worth that price?

Anton: Oh wow that is crazy! I have an unhealthy obsession with Indian food. Now, I know it’s not as bad for you as eating candy/soda/snacks nonstop every day, but it definitely has a lot of fat, cholesterol and sodium. I also eat very large portions of it. Pray for my heart haha!

Kendra: Back to music. Everyone this week is getting a Grammy question, and yours is about the dissing that went on. Both Taylor Swift and Chris Brown slammed people at the awards. Would you ever use the Grammys as a platform to get some sort of revenge?

Anton: That was ridiculous, especially for artists their size. They are supposed to be “professional” musicians, and they won a freaking award. It’s like, what more do you want, you technically cannot get any bigger than you are, so what is the fuss? Now, I must also agree that when a huge artist has drama, it can be a promotional tool. Think about the Rihanna/Chris Brown thing. What happened was awful, but it gave Chris Brown the whole “Love me or hate me, just talk about me” mindset. I personally would never do such a thing if I were at the level that they were on. I would just be happy that everyone under the sun would be hearing my music.

Kendra: I want you to give me the top 5 songs you’d put on a mixtape you’d give someone who was about to spend a lot of time alone. We’ll call it the “Lone Tape,” go!

Ryan Adams “Dancing When The Stars Go Blue
Fleetwood Mac “Dreams
The New Frontiers “The Day You Fell Apart
Coldplay “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
Land Of Talk “It’s Okay


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