Farewell Luna: Comfort Zones & Ice-Cream

farewell-luna-interview-golden-mixtapeThere might be a handful of you out there who don’t quiver when Justin Timberlake starts up, squeal when Usher spells his name in “Nice & Slow,” or even get a little hot and bothered when that dude from Lady Antebellum opens his mouth. To those few, you’re freaks, now away with you. The point is that a nice set of vocals can take a man a long way. Here is where I point out that David Beckham should’ve been born a mute, or at least given the talents that Farewell Luna encompasses. We forgive Beckham only because of his, well, everything else.

What’s that? Who is this Farewell Luna and why did I put him in a sentence with Beckham? Well Farewell Luna is what I wish Beckham would sound like. His Motown influences shine so bright that you’d never guess he also idolized Dave Grohl and Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, but he does. Farewell Luna can also tell you what his music would taste like if it were a Ben & Jerry’s treat, why waiting is always worth it and more if you just continue reading the words laid out here.

Kendra: Has anyone ever told you that you sound like a more understandable, masculine Adam Levine? Well I just did so what are your thoughts on that?

Farewell Luna: Haha, that’s really funny. I’ve had a couple of blog write-ups and fans mention the comparison and although I never really heard it myself, I definitely take it as a compliment. Anytime you get a comparison to an artist that is as successful as he is, it’s humbling for sure.

Kendra: Do you tend to use your pipes to get in good with the ladies?

Farewell Luna: I’d totally be lying if I said it didn’t have its perks.

Kendra: If Ben & Jerrys approached you to make an ice-cream flavor based on your latest album, By The Morning, what would it consist of and why?

Farewell Luna: Toughest interview question I’ve gotten yet! I’d have to say vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirl and bits of chocolate covered banana. Wow, my mouth just watered! My reasoning is that it’s smooth throughout (the vanilla ice cream), but has tasteful periods of edgy, in-your-face content to keep things exciting (the bits of chocolate covered banana). As for the peanut butter swirl? Well, I just love it so yea… And you need that sweet/salty combo. C’mon now.

Kendra: Will you be adding anything new to your discography soon?

Farewell Luna: Absolutely. I’m releasing a new single before the end of the month and hope to have my first full-length album recorded and released sometime this summer. I’ll most likely be using crowd funding to raise money for the album, which I anticipate will be a cool experience. Also, I’m revamping my YouTube channel and will be adding new videos in the near future of brand new material so I think my fans will be excited for that as well. On a side note, I’m collaborating with a few different DJs/Producers and will be singing vocals on some EDM tracks. It’s definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I love a challenge and I’m excited to hear what we come up with.

Kendra: So as I told another artist I was interviewing this week, because of the Grammys everyone’s getting a Grammy related question. Yours is about fun. They were working hard 12 years before this mega success, worth the wait?

Farewell Luna: Hell yes. I’m sure the fact that it took them 12 years to reach this point has made the experience all the more gratifying. Personally, I always try to tell myself that it’s not solely the destination that you need to be fixated on, but to enjoy the road in getting there. I can only imagine the feeling that they must have had walking up to accept their Grammys. It’s inspiring to say the least.

Kendra: What about you, do you have a set age or time in your life where you’ll stop doing music? Like by 45, if I don’t have a Grammy, that’s it!

Farewell Luna: Like by 45, if I don’t have a Grammy, that’s it! Not a chance. I write and play music because there is something unexplainable inside me that allows me to express myself through music and lyrics. It’s sort of unorthodox because I didn’t start writing music until my senior year of college, but now that I have been pursuing my music career for the past few years, I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Kendra: Are you planning on sharing your music live and on the road?

Farewell Luna: For sure. I’ve been playing live, acoustic shows for the past few months, which has been fun. I anticipate continuing to do so throughout the spring and summer and hopefully will have a chance to play some festivals and tour by the fall. Touring has always been a dream of mine. Currently I’m living in New Jersey; therefore I usually play in New Jersey or NYC. Nevertheless, I’ll be branching out to help further my exposure.

Kendra: Being Farewell Luna, I want you to give me the top 5 songs you’d put on a mixtape for someone you were saying a long goodbye to, go!

Farewell Luna:
Coldplay “Don’t Panic
Incubus “Echo
The Reign of Kindo “Great Blue Sea
Ben E. King “Stand by Me
Sublime “Get Ready


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