Hellowonderful: Hip Hop & Words With Hackers

hellowonderful-interview-golden-mixtapeWhen I was younger, the closest I ever came to being into Hip Hop in any way was owning an Aaliyah cassette single, loving Montel Jordan’s only hit and watching Soul Train before my family got real cable. Today it’s pretty much the same; my cassette’s in storage, “This is How We Do It” is still my anthem and I’ve traded Soul Train for the Music Choice channel when nothing’s on TV.

So it’s rare that you’ll find Hip Hop anywhere near this blog, but I have to occasionally break the rules when the Hip Hop stands out as different and isn’t just some computer drone vocals. That’s where Hellowonderful comes in. His single “Make Out” reminded me of Gym Class Heroes a bit, so I had to take a chance and chat with the man behind Hellowonderful. The Gym Class comparison wasn’t new to him, he’s heard it before and it’s likely due to his love of guitar and the way The Beatles taught him that it’s okay to be different from the crowd; differences are rewarded with success.

Keep on reading on to learn more about Hellowonderful; his musical plans, not fitting the mold, hacking emails and more.

Kendra: Was it discouraging when people would just lump you in with all the other rappers out there, judging you before they heard you?

Hellowonderful: It was before, because it kind of sucks to be thrown in a category with crap rappers when you’re nothing like them. But it’s different now, because a lot of people just say I’m “Alternative Rap/Acoustic Pop” instead of just “Rap.” So that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Kendra: How is the part of Virginia where you grew up? Was it very Hip Hop centric?

Hellowonderful: Not a lot of Hip Hop at all really. Where I grew up was very small, so there wasn’t really a big music scene. So for me to come from there and make it in music was kind of a big deal. And places near where I grew up had a very big metal scene, so I really had to travel a great distance to do a lot of my shows.

Kendra: You like incorporating word play into your music, how about the rest of your life? Are you a Words With Friends fanatic?

Hellowonderful: I am probably the worst person in the history of WWF. I try, but I am just terrible, so I don’t even mess with it anymore.

Kendra: We got “Make Out.” Is that all the new music we’re getting from you?

Hellowonderful: I’m releasing an EP really soon, called Live To Love. I’m actually in the studio at the moment working on that. It should be out within the next few months.

Kendra: You offered up “Make Out” for free, and a lot of other artists have started just giving away their music. How do you personally plan on making sustainable career out of music if not through sales?

Hellowonderful: I will eventually start selling my music, but for now I want EVERYONE to have my music in their possession and then they can pass is in to their friend and their friend can do the same. Then they will request me in their city and then, the sales will fall in by doing shows and selling merch.

Kendra: Watching the Grammys this week, I think everyone I interview will get a Grammy related question. So yours is, what would you wear? You had to have thought about it, be honest!

Hellowonderful: I would wear all black everything; suit, shirt, tie, boxers, socks and shoes. I think it would look great on me. And if not, you can never go wrong in a clown suit.

Kendra: Another thing that’s pretty relevant in the news was Bush’s email getting hacked. If you could, which famous face’s email would you want an hour or two to go through?

Hellowonderful: It still would probably have to be George Bush. I couldn’t take him seriously when he was president, so I would want to see if he was actually a serious guy behind closed doors.

Kendra: I want your top five songs you’d put on a mixtape titled “Wonderful Life Mixtape,” go!

Green Day “American Idiot
Hit The Lights “Drop The Girl
Plug In Stereo “Oh Darling
The Friday Night Boys “Permanent Heartbreak
The Click Five “Just The Girl


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