The Drama State: A (Sort Of) Valentine’s Tale

the-drama-state-interview-golden-mixtapeMonths ago I interviewed one of the men behind Streaker Records and while digging through his label’s site for more info to chat about, I stumbled upon The Drama State. I’m not really sure what it was about their music that made me smile, but it did. Not only did I think they were worthy of a generic “like” on Facebook, but I took a very huge step in this relationship by actually buying their album, Stories. As of now Stories is all I have to cling onto like the overly attached girlfriend meme, but every day I wonder if I’ll be getting new music soon. According to The Drama State’s Ronnie Ish, they’ll do some writing this year, but also “have heavy touring planned the remainder of 2013.”

I’ll just have to wait and hope that they’ll make it out here from Indiana. This long distance relationship is rough. I can’t be one of the lucky ones to see them play with The Dangerous Summer next month in their home state where they said they’ll be “bringing the ruckus” like always.  Curse the distance that sits between me seeing The Drama State soon.

This love story won’t end on a sour note though. This is just a pause in the tale of a blogger and a band she fell for, and in the meantime let’s celebrate the holiday created to make people like me appear even more socially awkward; Valentine’s Day. All the boys of The Drama State were nice enough to share their first V-Day companion, and then Ronnie took the helm and finished out the rest. Plus, Ryan came ready with his own Valentine’s playlist, or rather what I like to call them, mixtape. So grab a box of chocolate and enjoy.

Kendra: Who was the lucky lady to be your first Valentine?

Ryan: Ashley Adams (4th Grade)
Ronnie: Jacquelynn Magocs & Cortney Goehler (4th Grade – double tap)
Ramsey: Blanche from the Golden Girls
Mikey: Amy Bragg (3rd Grade)
Eric: Uhhh fuck man…that was like 25 years ago…I don’t remember.

Kendra: The best part of Valentine’s Day was picking the coolest cards to bring to class when you were younger. What were some of your favorites?

Ronnie: The homemade ones were the best. You know, the ones with shells glued to colored construction paper cut heart, with a photo of the card giver on it.

Kendra: What’s more common for you; receiving a ton of candy from someone on February 14th or waiting it out until the 15th and buying sale candy for yourself?

Ronnie: The answer is C. Both!

Kendra: “Hook Line & Sink Her”…Let’s be honest, what’s the worst pick up line you’ve used, and did it work?

Ronnie: All pick-up lines are miserable, and will put your face to a palm…That is unless you ask them for their… … never mind. (Laughs)

Kendra: If a guy wanted to seal the deal on Valentine’s Day where would you suggest they take their date in your town?

Ronnie: Get in a van with your 5 best friends, and drive as far away as possible – for at least 30 days. By the end of that tour, you will see more struggle than just your own, have made double the memories, met handfuls of new friends, and maybe even find someone else worth your time.

And for the people who don’t have the option to tour…Ladies; purchase a gallon of ice-cream, rent every sappy romantic comedy starring Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum to ensure you can ALWAYS do better! AND for the gentlemen; DO NOT call, or text her. Move on! There’s no point in kicking a dead horse, when you can place your bets on one who is alive and hungry.

(No horses and hopefully no women were offended in the making of that reference/comment.)

Ryan Diskey of The Drama State’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

The Get Up Kids “Valentine
Saves The Day “Hold
Pantera “This Love
Cheap Trick “I Want You To Want Me
The Darkness “I Believe In A Thing Called Love
Ray Lamontange “Be Here Now
Mike Mains & The Branches “Lady Love
Tim McMorris “Overwhelmed
A Day to Remember “If It Means That Much To You
Parachute “She Is Love


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