Relationships: Threesomes, Trends and Partying Men

relationships-band-interviewOne week away from Valentine’s Day and I’m sitting here without any sort of social activity planned, like normal. The only relationship in reach is this interview with the band Relationships from Pittsburgh, PA. While I’d die for a chance with a Ryan Gosling look-alike (who wouldn’t?), I’m okay with the Relationships I’ve found myself in. They’re a fun trio of dudes who don’t care too much for my favorite cartoons, but I still love their taste.

Other than our differences in animated delights, Relationships is a busy group of guys who work hard at day jobs to have time to do what they love; play music (obviously) in a post rock band that sounds like the baby of a garage band father and an emo riddled mother. So thank you to Eric, Chris and Josh of Relationships for taking time out of their musical filled lives to chat via electronic mail with me. I’ll go on pretending they were my pre-V-day dates because that’s as close as I’ll get to human interaction in the coming week.

Kendra: After you started the band, were there any major lessons you learned early on that have stuck with you?

Josh Giacometti: For us, it’s important to keep in mind that we’re not in it to make money, and most of the time we’re not even in it to recoup the amount of money we spend on merch, touring, recording, etc. For me personally, as long as I know one person out there is into our music, it’s enough to keep going.

Kendra: What state of mind is best for you when you are creating new music? I find that I’m better when I’m mad about something, so what about you?

Chris Duranko: When it comes to writing music (bass lines n’ such) I like working very reactively. Collaboration has always been a huge part of any band I’ve been in; it’s like we sit down and someone comes up with a cool part and we build on it.

Kendra: How many songs did you have when you headed in to record Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Cryin’?

Josh: We had somewhere around seven, but two had already been previously recorded so we just went with the five that were recorded for it. Even though we recently re-recorded one of those extra two that were previously released (Doin’ Man Stuff).

Kendra: Are there one or a few songs that didn’t make the cut that fans will be able to hear in the near future?

Josh: We had one floating around for a while (Skip for Shipment) that we didn’t have any immediate plans on releasing, but our good friend Dandy at Driftwood Records offered to release it on his 5” lathe of the month subscription, and we immediately took the opportunity. Other than that we have a few songs in the works, but we’re pretty sure they’ll end up being released on our full length when the time comes.

Kendra: Do any of you pay attention to music trends when writing, or in general to help guide the band in any certain direction…Not only with sound, but as far as merch, touring and social media is concerned?

Chris: Nope, I pretty much follow the musical trends I’m into at the time which are rarely happening when I get into them.

Josh: Typically when writing my guitar parts I try to take some ideas that I’ve heard other times in the genre we play in and move them in odd places or mix up the time signatures to add something fresh. Other than that, the only thing merch wise we started doing that others in the music scene are doing is cassettes/vinyl.

Kendra: Like you just mentioned, cassettes are really popular. Why are those seeing a reboot in releases?

Eric Ross: Cassettes are awesome. They are still easy to find and super cheap. Everything we put on cassette we have for free online, so even if you don’t have a tape deck you can download our releases to your computer or phone, because let’s face it, that’s what you’re really listening to music on anyway. But the cassette is a piece of art. I believe design and layout are complimentary to the music.

Kendra: Getting away from music for a second, being a trio…if the three of you could be one of these famous trios, which would it be and why; Alvin and the Chipmunks, Ed, Edd N Eddy or The Powerpuff Girls.

Chris: I wasn’t big on Cartoon Network so I’m going to have to submit my own trio of Rocket Power minus the girl because we’re an emo band.

Eric: I was always a Ducktales kinda guy.

Kendra: You have a few shows coming up, any plans for a longer tour?

Josh: We would love to do a week or two week tour, but unfortunately our work schedules are so conflicting that we’re only able to practice/tour/play local shows on the weekends. We do have plans in the works for a three day March tour to promote our newest release with our friends from Kalamazoo: George Costanza. We’re planning on playing Kalamazoo, MI/Akron, OH/Pittsburgh, PA. We’ll also be planning some more weekend tours, too!

Kendra: Since you all fancy pizza-flavored bacon beer (not sure how that sits together), I want a mixtape of your top 5 songs you’d play during a PBB Party, go!

Bad News” Owen
No Children” The Mountain Goats
Positively Fourth Street” Bob Dylan
Operator” Jim Croce
East 1999” Bone Thugs n Harmony

Pizza Party” Hank Jones
1999” Prince
Three way tie between “It’s Time To Party,” “Party Hard” and “Party Til You Puke” Andrew W.K.
(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” Beastie Boys
It’s Just A Party” Snowing

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