Moxi: In My Dreams

moxi-in-my-dreams-reviewLast weekend I was on my way home from a friend’s in the morning and this dude was into me. I was like, really? I thought I was in a dream and it couldn’t be so, because those “normal” interactions never happen to me, but alas it did and when he’s “back from business” he’ll see what’s up with me. So in a week or so I’ll be letting you know how that goes. I thought I’d share that since dreaming and sleeping happened to be a common theme for Moxi’s In My Dreams, an elegant arrangement of sounds that would parallel the likes of Christina Perri.

Wide awake, “In My Dreams” opens the record with a surprising hook. A piano driven track, it’s got a powerful vocal performance that drives the song into your memory. “Say” sounds like something Angel Taylor would sing if she’d take away her acoustic guitar and try her hand at making a song that has multiple layers of aesthetic pleasing sounds. “Mystery” comes in towards the end and keeps the sleeping theme intact with the repetition of the line “fall asleep.”

While In My Dreams has an obvious state of mind, you won’t be asleep any time while listening to Moxi if you’re into the ladies previously mentioned; Christina Perri and Angel Taylor. You can go ahead and go and get some rest, but make sure to get up and pick up Moxi’s In My Dreams, out on CatBeach Music on February 12th.


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