Unifier: Colorado


There’s nothing like waking up to a cascade of tweets about a band’s reunion. Thanks Fall Out Boy, I wasn’t prepared to wake up at 8am to tweets in all caps from friends. So as I sat waiting for the time to read 10am, I couldn’t concentrate on Unifier’s Colorado. The anticipation of getting those FOB tickets was eating at my insides and Unifier wasn’t helping, so after the stressful ticket buying experience, I took a deep breath and sat down to give Colorado my complete attention and was better for it. Before I would’ve just missed their clean and clear-cut rock, but am now a bit of a fan.

There are straight laced, radio ready rock songs like “Crush” and “Halos” that bring enough guitar to consider it rock, but is still harmonious enough that it would likely get played on mainstream stations if they ever attempted to hit the airwaves. But if they are considering that route, may I suggest leaving “Single Room” and “Lifted” out of the mix? Those two didn’t really do anything for me and fell flat in the mix of things.

While those two weren’t the business, there were another two that gave me exactly what I wanted out of this record. “Paradise Lost” reminded me of Third Eye Blind with all the “woo hoo hoos” paired with a light rock atmosphere. The same goes with “Colorado.” That too played like one of those rock songs you hear on Vh1 when you’re randomly on that channel at 5am and they’re playing music. It’s rock for people who have jobs, pay their bills and might have a kid or two; adults who might not have time to go out and discover new music because their reality keeps them busy. So if you’re that kind of person, you’re welcome, I found a new album and band for you. No need to send flowers.

My back is still tense from my FOB filled morning and my yoga mat is calling my name, so I will wrap this up with saying that Unifier is a mature rock band that is still able to keep things fresh with the use of light rock, backed by powerful vocals. Snow Patrol and Third Eye Blind fans might be the ones to represent a healthy dose of the people who fall for Unifier’s Colorado when it drops February 12th via via Autumn + Colour and Round Kid Records


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