Western Medication: Painted World

western-medication-painted-world-reviewIt’s funny that I go to the doctor the least out of all my friends, yet I’m the healthiest. Coincidence, I think not. It’s always been my family’s belief that doctors give you diseases because if you were healthy, they’d be out of a job. Now while I might never trust doctors, I can say I’d put some faith into Western Medication, not the actual kind, the band. The band that hails from Nashville and considers their selves post punk, but what I call alt-indie, has a new album out this week called Painted World and I’m going to go ahead and give you the diagnosis on it.

Big City” is a little less than a minute, but memorable for its high spirits and the way it reminds me of something you’d hear at Burning Man. That also goes with “Problems in DC.” It has a fun start and a good musical vibe the whole way through. Then there were a couple that were continuous jam sessions; “Interlude” and “Painted World.” While “Painted World” eventually busted out some hard to understand lyrics, the “Interlude” was just an instrumentation break. Why an EP needed an interlude, no clue.

So Western Medication might consider their music post punk, but when I took a look and listen I had to identify it as alternative rock with a hint of indie that fans of Silversun Pickups or Tiger High would enjoy. So if it sounds like your kind of band, get a prescription and check out Painted World, out January 29th on Jeffery Drag Records.


Ex-Breathers: Collision

ex-breathers-collision-reviewCampy teen movies haven’t been good since Mean Girls. Sorry Emma Stone, but Easy A was a suckfest. Why did this come to mind as I sat down to listen to Ex-Breathers’ Collision at 1am? Well it reminded me of every cliché “bad boy” in the good teen movies; hard on the outside, but an emotional wreck on the inside. That sentiment paired with a hardcore musical persona is what you get with Collision.

“Bruise” was intimidating every step of the way, as was “Screenhead” as it talked of death and hide and seek; basically the scariest game if this song was to be the soundtrack. All in all the music sounded the same the whole way through; hardcore and rough.

If the lyrics didn’t accompany the music on the page, I wouldn’t have ever known the stories that lay beneath the musical surface. “Sink To Breathe” and “Bliss” were like opening that teen movie “bad boy’s” worn out notebook and finding that he thought more life than just bashing heads at shows and getting into trouble. Lyrically both painted this beautiful, yet somber tale of an outsider detailing their feelings towards their reality. Music wise, not my style, but the words were wonderful enough for me to give them a stamp of approval.

So yes, if I were to cast a teen movie based on the albums I sit up past midnight reviewing, Ex-Breathers’ Collision would be my resident bad boy with heart thanks to the hardcore shell with a sensitive nugget middle. If you’re into bands like Quiet Clouds and Fall City Fall, then check out Ex-Breathers’ Collision because you’ll like…dare I say, love it? Yup.