Ratham Stone: Eclectic Twins of Top 40

ratham-stone-interview-golden-mixtapeTraveling has never been something I’ve needed in my life because the thought of planes, trains and automobiles makes me nervous. If I could walk everywhere in a timely manner, I’d never board any type of transportation again. However there’ve always been a few places in the US that I’ve promised myself I had to see before I expired; New York, Florida and Georgia (strictly for MLK Jr.). Except in recent years, Florida hasn’t made me want to go there at all. Yeah, it’s the home of Disney World and Backstreet Boys, but there’s the whole Casey Anthony thing, bath salts and most recently a pooping and masturbating carnie.

Andrew Lipinski of Ratham Stone calls the so called Sunshine State home and likes the excitement they’re getting. Hopefully it’s not too much of a distraction when he and his twin brother Adam get to music making. Now while I’d love to continue on about how much Florida scares me, I will keep the spotlight on Ratham Stone. You might not know the name Ratham Stone right away, but if you’re a frequent watcher of 16 and Pregnant and/or Teen Mom, you’ve probably heard their music in the background of an overdramatic teens legal woes or an ex-boyfriend brawl.

Not bad for a pair of twins who love Top 40 hits, Disney movies and not sticking to any one particular genre. So keep on reading to find out which hip hop artists Andrew is infatuated with, which one he’d never give the time a day, and a lot more.

Kendra: I’ve talked to siblings before and it always seems like one was into music first. Was that the case with you, or since you’re twins did you both get into wanting to make music at the same time?

Andrew Lipinski: We kind of always grew up with it and had the same passion for it. Well, I guess, I got a guitar before him before Adam so I guess I got into first.

Kendra: With you and your brother being the primary members of the band, who are all the other people that come through?

Andrew: Well right now we don’t have any set official Ratham Stone band members. It’s just me and Adam, and we’ve just been bringing on people to do shows, recordings and stuff, but we’re trying in like a month or so to have some more official members; more reliable people.

Kendra: Has that been a problem, just finding reliable people?

Andrew: Well it’s been a combination of things. It’s a lot easier to make decisions with two people instead of five, but I mean it’s kind of a draw. It’s like trying to find people that we will do really good with.

Kendra: Did you all get started because of YouTube and posting covers on there?

Andrew: That was something we just did recently starting like last year. We’ve never taken YouTube as serious market for social networking. But just after seeing it grow like it did, we decided to start to take advantage of it. In the very beginning we didn’t know what the hell we were doing. We were just trying everything. Once we got a little older, we started to be a little smarter and little more strategic with what did.

Kendra: Ever think of doing a Disney cover?

Andrew: All the time. I’m obsessed with a bunch of Disney movies. One of my dreams has always been to have a song in a Disney movie like Michael Bolton did in Hercules or Elton John in Lion King. I think that’d be the coolest thing. Yeah I mean we’re kind of doing everything, but we definitely wanna keep doing the Top 40 stuff right now because it’s not only what we like but it’s the song are always really good and everyone likes the songs, and they like them for a reason.

Kendra: How’d you manage to score main stage at Sunfest alongside Pit Bull and The Fray?

Andrew: That was just a luck of the draw, a really lucky thing. My brother talked to someone like a six months before Sunfest even happened. Like a lot of things in music, you kind of talk to people and you don’t really get your hopes up too high because you never know. A month before the lady from Sunfest emailed me and was like, you guys still wanna do this? And how we got the main stage, I mean I was just happy to play, but how we got the main stage between The Fray and Pitbull? I’m thankful for that.

Kendra: 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are huge in the ratings, but did you think when you were younger that when your music hit MTV it wouldn’t be on TRL?

Andrew: Well I remember when I was in high school that Laguna Beach was a real big show and one of the artists, a bunch of artists, that I like had songs on that show and I was like, man that’d be so cool to have a song on there. I didn’t think it would be a show about underage girls getting pregnant and having babies and stuff but yeah, I’ll take it.

Kendra: Since I mentioned Pit Bull, he’s one of those artists I can’t really understand why they’re famous. Is there any artist past or present that you feel that way about?

Andrew:  The only thing that’s really coming to my head is Soulja Boy. He put out all these songs and the quality was never really good. He had the dance, and everyone liked the dance; crank that Soulja Boy. It blows my mind why anyone was even listening to it.

Kendra: Funny you mentioned a hip hop artist because your last record 2012 was hip hop inspired, so if you could collaborate from any two hip hop artists, one from the old school days and one from today, who would they be and of course why?

Andrew: I think today it would be a dream to collaborate with B.O.B. Actually him and Flo Rida. They’re both doing a bunch of real cool things with the Top 40 stuff that’s more our style. I think we’d be a real good match with them. Then older Hip Hop um, I wouldn’t say it’s hip hop but I think having Vanilla Ice on a song, Rob Van Winkle, would be the coolest thing.

Kendra: Now you have this plan to release a song each month that’s your own style but based in different genres. Do you have those genres all picked out and ready to go, or are you taking a more organic approach and just seeing how you feel when the time comes?

Andrew: It’s a combination of both. This whole idea started in the middle of last year where we just went and we had so many songs written, and at the time we didn’t really know how we were gonna do these songs with the band.  We had a bunch of politics like people didn’t want to play them and they weren’t done all the way, this and that. But we had all these songs and we were like, let’s do something with them.

We were gonna get these songs out, so I mean for the most part the genres form were all over the board. We have some indie pop songs, we have some really Americana/Country songs. So we’re like, what are we gonna do to get all these songs out? We decided to do a themed EP every month and if we needed to add songs to an album, then we’d write more songs in that theme.

So for the most part we have all the themes together. We’re gonna be doing two songs, two EPs in our own theme which is it’s like a new version of the Goo Goo Dolls, but a lot cooler version of course. Then we’re going to do an indie one and an Americana one. I think we’re gonna do an acoustic one also. So we’ll see how that works out.

Kendra: Since Ratham Stone is a grab bag of sound, I want you to make me a mixtape that represents that. So your top five songs you’d put on a mixtape titled “Random Ass Ratham Inspired.”

Magic” B.O.B. featuring Rivers Cuomo
Cupid” Daniel Powter
C’Mon” Ke$ha
Cruise” Florida Georgia Line
Die in Your Arms” Justin Bieber


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