This Is Your Life: Before We Fade Away

this-is-your-life-before-we-fade-away-reviewLast night I started listening to This Is Your Life while looking through Facebook. Things started out okay and nice much like their record Before We Fade Away; then again, like the album…Things took a turn towards being pissed off at life. Suffering from the mentality of a crush-struck girl, forever 16, I saw my high school crush post about some new girl in his life. Seven years later and still bitter he’s not mine. Well those feelings mixed with Before We Fade Away, made for an interesting evening of trying to figure out who this harlot was.

“Before We Fade Away…” starts out the album of the same name with a calm instrumental, but once “Arrivals and Departures” starts, that sense of serenity is no more. The words come fast and the music keeps up as talk of self-destruction continues on. While I found their approach a little intimidating at first, I actually understood more lyrics than I expected to. I guess that’s what This Is Your Life means when they say they’re “melodic hardcore.” The “broken” theme is heard throughout the rest of the record with what appears to be a tale of a broken heart in “Blackout Curtains.”

The best and the not so best came in the same track, which was odd. “The Wall” started out slow, and had this abrupt Wonder Years thing going on (only sadder). Once things picked up, it really took away from the emotion I personally wanted to hear in the entire song though. It would’ve been more interesting to hear them nail the whole song in that slowed down manner.

In case you’re wondering, I listened to Before We Fade Away half way through my search for the girl who took my (never was going to happen) boyfriend, and never found her. On the other hand I did find a band that fans of The Story So Far and This Is A Standoff can enjoy. The great thing about Before We Fade Away is that it’s already out now, but it’s being released for all you audiophiles on vinyl on January 14th on Reveille Records. Also, catch This Is Your Life on tour through January with  some dates in February and March. Don’t forget to keep tabs on them either, because they might just add to those existing dates.

January 22 – Philadelphia, PA
January 23 – New York City, NY
January 24 – Hartford, CT
January 25 – Milford, CT
January 26 – Albany, NY
January 27 – New Brunswick, NJ
January 28 – Delaware
January 29 – Baltimore
January 30 – Richmond, VA
February 28 – RVA w/ Sea of Storms
March 1 – Asheville, NC (area) w/ Sea of Storms
March 2 – Charlotte, NC w/ Sea of Storms
March 3 – Raleigh/Durham, NC w/ Sea of Storms


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