Various Artists: Take Action Compilation Volume 11

take-action-Compilation-volume-11-reviewBack in 2005 I was getting ready to graduate from high school and leave the desert town behind. Yes, I was only heading two hours away to LA, but that two hours meant not only freedom but the chance to go to more shows than I could’ve ever imagined. I only got to go to a handful while in high school because I didn’t drive (still don’t), but one I was able to head to my senior year was the Take Action Tour with Hawthorne Heights and Sugarcult. I was happy to be bouncing off the walls, but I had no clue the significance the tour even had until I was older. Years later the tour continues on  with The Used headlining in 2013, and like every year a Take Action Compilation is released. This year is volume number 11 and it features songs for people of all ages and scenes, whether you’re a Warped vet and love Bad Religion or a tween in lust with Falling In Reverse; it’s all there.

Like to dance a little? Then AWOLNATION, 3Oh!3 and Enter Shikari got you covered with their electronic like mixes of  “Sail,” “Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here” and “You’re Gonna Love This.” Not into shaking, well then you’ll probably like things a little heavier. That’s when you head towards Whitechapel’s “Animus,” We Came As Romans’ “Fair-Weather” and Memphis May Fire’s “Prove Me Right,” just to name a few of the more, well, badass tracks on this Take Action mixtape.

Now for the obvious ones I wasn’t going to pass up…Everyone knows if I was 15 today, I’d probably be in love with Alex Gaskarth and have The Summer Set all over my room. So it’s safe to say that All Time Low’s acoustic of “The Reckless & The Brave” and The Summer Set’s latest “Fuck U Over” were on top of my list. Another one that falls onto that list is Plug In Stereo featuring We Are The In Crowd’s Tay Jardine with “I Hope You Know.” If something as precious as puppies and kitties had a soundtrack, that song would be numero uno.

Those were the ones I naturally gravitated towards, but there were a few that surprised me when I actually gave them a penciled star (a high honor from a blogger on paper, of course). Dye my hair jet black, toss me in a ripped up metal tee and call me 14 because I actually liked Falling In Reverse’s “The Drug In Me Is You.” Another one was Sleeping With Sirens’ acoustic version of “James Dean & Audrey Hepburn.” I thought a girl was singing the entire time, but either way, it was a delight. Last notch on my “really, I dug that belt” is Seahaven’s acoustic rendition of “Understanding.” I have a love hate relationship with this mumbling man’s voice, but here I could make out the words, so I didn’t feel the need to hit “skip.”

Those were all the ones to look out for, but you can’t have almost 40 songs over two CDs and not expect some misses with the hits. The Used used to be my favorite band, and they’ll forever be a part of my adolescence, but I can’t back their new stuff. “The Lonely,” you’re going to stay that way. Another one that didn’t get a pass was Itch’s “London Is Burning.” Listen and you’ll know why, or maybe you’ll like it?

The Take Action Compilation Volume 11 has a lot of well-known artists like I Am The Avalanche, Say Anything and Mayday Parade, but it also shines a light on acts I wasn’t too sure of, including Glass Cloud and Ice Nine Kills. So not only will get you a variety of scenes, styles and sounds, but also a lot of rare and unreleased tracks. Oh yeah, and it’s an album for the It Gets Better Project, so don’t steal it. Paying for it will be good karma. Take Action Compilation Volume 11 is out January 8th.

Track Listing
*denotes rare or unreleased


1. The Used – The Lonely*
2. We Came As Romans – Fair-weather*
3. AWOLNATION- Sail  (Unlimited Gravity Remix)*
4. Bad Religion  – Fuck You*
5. The Wonder Years  – Local Man Ruins Everything (Nervous Energies)*
6. Mayday Parade –  Oh Well, Oh Well (Acoustic)
7. Falling in Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You
8. Enter Shikari – Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here (Tek One Mix)*
9. Whitechapel – Animus
10. Periphery – Far Out (Instrumental)*
11. Sleeping With Sirens  –  James Dean & Audrey Hepburn (Acoustic Version)
12. All Time Low – The Reckless & The Brave (Acoustic)*
13. Never Shout Never – Pray For Peace (Demo)*
14. 3OH!3 – You’re Gonna Love This (Wuki Remix)*
15. The Summer Set – Fuck U Over
16. Say Anything – Their Notions


1. Glass Cloud – Everybody Wants To Rule The World*
2. Ice Nine Kills – What I Never Learned in Study Hall (6 Feet Below)*
3. Memphis May Fire –  Prove Me Right
4. Upon This Dawning – A New Beginning
5. Parkway Drive – Dark Days
6. SHARKS – Sea Of All Seas*
7. Balance & Composure – Quake
8. Silver Snakes – All My Eye*
9. Broadway Calls – Bring On The Storm*
10. We Are The Ocean – Machine
11. Transit – Skipping Stone (Alternate Version)
12. Seahaven –  Understanding (Acoustic)*
13. Set It Off – Dream Catcher
14. I Am The Avalanche –  I’ll Be Back Around
15. The Scene Aesthetic – Carelessly (feat. Dresses)*
16. Plug In Stereo – I Hope You Know (feat. Tay Jardine)*
17. William Beckett – 48 In A Hospital *
18. Itch – London Is Burning*
19. Twin Atlantic –  Make A Beast Of Myself (Space Brother Remix)*
20. The Animal In Me – Speak*
21. Hell Or Highwater – Come Alive (Acoustic)*
22. Palisades – Bury It (Acoustic)*


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