Weekly Review & a Happy Holiday to You!

officegifHappy Holidays to you no matter what you believe in, celebrate or do! Taking a break and will be back as soon as I can get away from the desert and back in the arms of my trusted laptop…That doesn’t sound creepy, does it?

Top Lists:

Like I Always Say…Music´s My Mistress, TV´s My Soul Mate (Top 5 TV Shows)

Animated…Hilarious…Tearjerkers (Top 5 Movies of 2012)

Shows I Wish I Could Relive All Day, Every Day (Top 5 Concerts)

Just Let Me Feel Like Carson Daly for a Second (Top Songs of 2012)

I Didn´t Get The Vinyl…Does it Still Count? (Top 5 Albums)

Interviews & Reviews:

arrows-over-athens-interview-golden-mixtapeRandy of Arrows Over Athens: Battles, Covers and Duality

Trust -Fall-work-hard-play-weird-stay-kvlt-reviewTrust Fall: work hard, play weird, stay kvlt

roam-no-common-ground-reviewROAM: No Common Ground

dose-of-adolescence-interview-golden-mixtapeJimmy of Dose of Adolescence: Anberlin, Bets and Charities

dani-shay-one-the-winter-ep-reviewDani Shay: One: The Winter EP


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