I Didn’t Get The Vinyl…Does it Still Count?

top albumsRolling Stone and all the big guys are so predictable when it comes to picking the top albums every year. I bet Mumford & Sons and Taylor Swift are among the repeat offenders to get the top spot on every list, but not mine. I decided to pick only from albums I reviewed throughout the year…Which still left me with a healthy amount to choose from…And the reasons why will be lines from my original thoughts of them when I first listened…

5. All Time Low Don’t Panic: “…the band recognizing the fact that the fans they had when they started out are growing up, and they’re growing with them…”

4. Joie De Vivre We’re All Better Than This: “…there are other adults out there feeling as confused as you…”

3. Motion City Soundtrack Go: “I like to think of them as the theater kids in high school. They’re unique and see life differently, interpreting it their own way, and Go’s their senior year.”

2. I Call Fives Someone That’s Not You: “…heartache rolled up in pop punk goodness…”

1. The Tower and The Fool How Long: “…something perfect about the tone of the music and the lyrics that reassured me ‘don’t give up.’”


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