Shows I Wish I Could Relive All Day, Every Day

tops shows 2012Once bands started announcing ten year anniversary tours I kind of blanked out on any other tour and show I’d been to in 2012. First The Starting Line made 15 year old me yearn for a day when bleached blonde hair and pooka shells were considered cool.Then New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday…How the 20-somethings rejoiced, but tossed in between all these nostalgic tours and announcements were shows I went to that made my list of favorite shows of the year. Unfortunately I went TSL after I made my list, but their second show at The Glass House in Pomona would’ve been a strong contender.

5. Selena Gomez @ House of Blues Sunset: I didn’t pay for this show, and I won’t go into details of how I got in but I’m glad I did because it was adorable.  From her singing Jason Mraz with Big Time Rush, to watching a young man walk around with a look in his eye that made me terrified he was one of those fans that want to kidnap the star and use their hair for a vest…Besides the psycho kid, this show made my list for the last song of the night. My heart’s usually a little black, but it warmed up when the entire room sang along to “Who Says.”

4. Paramore @ The Fox Theater: Was standing in the furthest point in the venue, in the back of the balcony, but it was still an amazing show. I had taken a break from seeing Paramore in 2008 thanks to that song from Twilight that I thought was horrendous, so it’d been awhile. Even from far away, I loved every second of the show…minus the parts where they did all their soundtrack “hits.” Those aside, glad to know they still got it…

3. Taking Back Sunday @ The Troubadour: In between dates on their Tell All Your Friends Tour, TBS did this show in LA where they were going to do TAYF stripped down. It turned into more of an episode of Vh1’s Storytellers. Besides hearing that album from start to finish in a whole new way, the stories in between and being that close to Adam Lazzara made me never want to leave this city. Best part? When Adam ranted about being fat.

2. New Found Glory @ Bottom of the Hill: When NFG announces a tour it’s common for my friends and I to go a little overboard with buying tickets. Three of us only did the first 5 dates of their Sticks & Stones Tour, but the first night proved to be the best because it was the only night that the setlist was different and they played “Ballad for the Lost Romantics.”

1. Warped Tour in Ventura: It seems that as you get older, you know less and less bands on the Warped roster if you allow the “adult world” to own your attention. This year with Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory in the mix, it was like…back up kids, let your elders show you how we do. I went to three dates (if only I could’ve followed it all summer…) but Ventura was the best one. I didn’t have to miss anyone for anyone else. Well, minus All Time Low, sorry babies, getting a good spot for TBS was just more important than dancing all night. Also, besides NFG and TBS, you had Fireworks and my pop rock crack, We Are The In Crowd.


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