top movies 2012Shows are one thing to dish out cash for, movies are another. I have to really want to see a movie to pay for it and out of my top five of 2012, I paid for four of them, and one of them…I seen four times so it balances out.

5. ParaNorman: I don’t think this movie got the credit it deserved and was outdone in the box office when it came time for Frankenweenie to come out. But that doesn’t matter to me. I went to the premiere of this one because I honestly don’t think I would’ve seen it any other way, but I left a fan. The story was right up my alley, it was shot really well and it had a good moral at the end. I hope there were kids there that learned something from it…

4. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted: My entire list won’t include animated films, I swear…But I can’t leave Madagascar out. I really enjoy this franchise and think the characters are adorable. Plus the last scene incorporated Katy Perry, how could I say no to this movie?

3. Bully: I knew I wouldn’t leave that theater with dry eyes after this documentary, and I didn’t. The kids showcased the harsh reality of bullying in today’s schools, and you felt for each one of them. Then when it got to the kids who had committed suicide due to bullying, that’s where I lost it, opened the flood gates and reached for tissue.

2. 21 Jump Street: Channing Tatum is high on my list and I was scared for this movie. After so many classic TV to movie remakes that failed, I wasn’t looking forward to having to watch both Channing and Jonah Hill crash and burn. Then to my and I’m pretty sure everyone’s surprise, it was hilarious and fantastic. Thank goodness. The jokes were  some of the most quotable of the year and Korean Jesus, he’s a star always and forever.

1. Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is the one I seen four times in theaters by the way. Once was a screening and the other three times were matinees I opened my wallet for. I wrote a mini essay on my Tumblr after I seen it the first time and I’ll just steal a line or two from myself to sum up why this movie blew away any other for me this year…“… your heart can do nothing more than smile and cry…Perks is an instant classic among those who’ve ever felt like they were forever tourists on this place called earth….[Emma] has made it an art to take a character from black and white pages and turn it into a live action life form to fall in love with…”


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