Like I Always Say…Music’s My Mistress, TV’s My Soul Mate

top tvQuick fact about me, I love most TV characters more than people I know. That’d be the first thing on my profile if I ever got desperate enough to join eHarmony (which might be soon since I’m not getting any younger). My sad social life aside, TV makes up a healthy part of my day. When I’m not blogging about this or that, I’m glued to the tube. Every night has a schedule to follow and if you talk during my shows, I will give you a look, so hush! I treat shows like children, so it’s hard to pick favorites, but let me try…

5. Dexter: “Season 4 was the best…” That’s the recycled line from almost every person who’s watched this show and yes, that season was amazing and can stand alone from the entire series, but you got to move on. It was  stressful to wait until the end of September for Dexter to come back after his sister walked in on him mid-kill. Ever since it has been an obvious whirlwind of emotion. I was relieved when that intern got what he deserved, I got hot and bothered when Dexter didn’t kill Hannah (if you know what I mean…) and each week I wish Dexter would slice up LaGuerta, and I did just watch the finale at 1am last night, so I won’t reveal any spoilers because I hate people who do that…Let’s just say I was on pins and needles and cannot wait for next season. Seriously, give it to me now!

4. New Girl: The first season ended on a high note and they picked up right where they left off. I love that the show really went from showcasing this “adorkable” gal and transformed into a show that focuses on each character. It was unexpected, but I’m glad creator Elizabeth Merriweather knows how to make each person shine just enough to not outdo one another. But if she comes across this…Why do you toy with my emotions when it comes to Schmidt and Cece?!

3. The Mindy Project: No, it’s not the same thing as New Girl. Mindy is a successful OBGYN and Jess is a struggling teacher. This one was iffy…It was the first show to come from an Office alumni, but Mindy is a genius and it worked, well for me. She’s just a girl who thinks in pop culture references and believes that life can end up like a RomCom…No wonder I love it.

2. American Horror Story: Asylum: I didn’t even want to watch this show, but now I’m hooked dammit. I love that in this season they explore what was sort of taboo in the 60’s and combine it with the idea of insanity and reality. It seems that every character has two sides and when it boils down to it, which side of them is the real one…Did I just crack this season???

1. Parenthood: A pair of shows that make me laugh and a pair that keep my on edge, but the number one spot goes to the one that makes me cry. There’s not a week that goes by where I don’t end up an emotional wreck thanks to these characters. It’s such a huge ensemble and not everyone is showcased enough, but you get to know every Braverman eventually and each one finds a place in your heart in some way or another, and this season with the cancer storyline…just tear my heart out now.


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