Shotgun Honeymoon: Soccer, Bieber and Culminations

shotgun-honeymoon-interview-golden-mixtapeWay before a soccer injury almost made Shotgun Honeymoon as quiet as The Little Mermaid after a bad deal; he was just a guy with a guitar at Florida State who ended up with a marketing degree. Today he’s a man with a pair of skilled musicians by his side, and a set of eyes on the prize. He released The Culmination, a folk pop delight, this year and isn’t prepared to settle down. When he’s not out enjoying Red Hot Chili Pepper shows or playing soccer, he’s busy making plans to get his music heard around the world. But before he stepped out to take over the globe, he was nice enough to chat about his music, how it almost never was, and a lot more. So of course you have to keep reading to find all that out…so get to it.

And if you know me well…You’ll see why I think me and Shotgun Honeymoon were meant to be BFF’s when you get to the mixtape portion, just saying…

Kendra: How’d you meet up with Rob and Jamie, was it once you moved out so California, through a friend, Craigslist?

Shotgun Honeymoon: Yeah I met them through my manager. Rob was his intern and he suggested him. It couldn’t have been a better match. After our first session together I mentioned to Rob I’d love to work with a cellist. His exact words were, “I think I might know a girl.” That girl was our dear James…

Kendra: Now are they in Shotgun Honeymoon, or are they just band members and you alone are Shotgun Honeymoon?

Shotgun Honeymoon: I consider them a part of the band, but yes I am Shotgun Honeymoon. If we were a 60’s band, we would be Shotgun and the Honeymooners.

Kendra: If you said you alone were Shotgun Honeymoon, then proceed with this question…If not, head on to #6. What made you want to go under a different identity as a solo artist?

Shotgun Honeymoon: Ha, a choose your own adventure question. I’ve always wanted to write a “choose your own adventure” poem, but all the same, great. It gives me a chance to be a bit more creative with things. Plus when I write it comes from a different side of me. So why not give them a name…right?!

Kendra: Now I’ve heard The Culmination and know what it’s all about, but for those who haven’t, can you pick one or two songs off the record and describe the emotion behind them…Say, as if you were about to sing them on The Voice? Like why do you think you and people connect with them…?

Shotgun Honeymoon: Well the first song that comes to mind would be “1000 Years Ago.” I wrote this song in the studio while making my first record Foregone Conclusion with Jeff Trott. I think everyone has a person they have met in their lifetime that when they are with them it just seems timeless. Just like as if you have known them in a past life. You keep finding each other. I love that concept. Each time you two meet its like nothing has changed. It could be months, years, decades, centuries…it is a beautiful tale.

Kendra: You fall under this indie pop umbrella that can be a bit folky, which thanks to Mumford & Sons is really popular right now. Do you think it’s sort of an oxymoron for fans of that “indie folk” sound to bash on pop artists like Bieber and Swift when Mumford & Sons pretty much outsells them? Would be nice to hear a musician’s take rather than my Facebook feed…

Shotgun Honeymoon: I guess the question is, in what context are they bashing Swift and Bieber? They are both talented musicians as well as Mumford. I just think the “machine” of cranking out pop stars is what gives B and S a bad rap. Most pop stars we think of have 7 different people write their songs and 5 different producers working on their music. Plus, people just get tired of seeing them plastered everywhere, who they are holding hands with and what color their ice cream is. Do you know who the Mumford guys are dating or what cereal they eat for breakfast? Not likely. It’s easy to like Mumford and you want to root for them as their music probably doesn’t come from someone else. I would guess they write and create their own stuff. Funny thing is…I bet Taylor does write most of her own music and if you ever ask Bieber to sit on a drum set he will kill it, confirmed…just sayin’.

Kendra: Back to you, who came up with the concept for the “Up To Something” video? Was it based on any of your favorites growing up?

Shotgun Honeymoon: I had this idea in mind and I brought it to my very talented friend Nick Tran. He helped mold my idea and give it life. We worked together on the creative treatment and just went for it. I called upon some of my other dear friends who just so happen to be successful actors/writers in their own right. With Nick acting as Director/DP/Producer/Editor it really couldn’t have gone any better. It wasn’t really based on any favorite videos I loved growing up it was more of just a vision. I sort of had that vision of the video before I even wrote the song. I could honestly say the song came from the video before the video was even shot…

Kendra: You haven’t touched your blog on your site since April; can that be because you’ve been busy or because Twitter is an easier, faster way to spread your thoughts and news?

Shotgun Honeymoon: Yeah I’ve been busy getting this music finished and ready for release. I have a few other creative projects I’m working on as well that have been taking up some time. But thanks for the reminder; I’ve got some posts to post…

Kendra: Okay, how did you manage to get such and up close and personal look at the Chili Pepper set list?

Shotgun Honeymoon: It’s my only good magic trick, so I’ll have to keep you guessing

Kendra: Being someone who blogs almost every second of the day, it’s hard for me to turn it off. So when I go to shows as a fan I find myself critiquing. Do you have that problem, you know switching from artist to fan when you go to see, say the Deftones? Or is your mind constantly in artist mode?

Shotgun Honeymoon: When I’m at a show and I get inspired by a song or a set it makes me want to go straight home and write. I totally critique as well. It’s hard not to. I mostly try to find things I like about what I’m seeing and hearing then incorporate that in what I’m doing.

Kendra: I noticed you don’t have any shows listed, what’s up with that? Is that changing soon?

Shotgun Honeymoon: Yeah I just took a bunch of time off to get the EP off the ground and should be playing out again towards the beginning of the year.

Kendra: Let’s talk about the soccer incident that landed you in vocal rehab, was it? How hard was it to come back from that, and do you still play after all that?

Shotgun Honeymoon: To be honest that was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve had to cope with. Doctors telling you that your voice may never come back. Seeking 4 to 5 different opinions in hopes someone would tell you something new; many different vocal therapists and speech therapists. It was just a long, long journey. I do still play. It’s in my blood; I’ve been playing since I was 5. I would probably put it up on my list of either 1 or 2 of the most difficult things to come back from.

Kendra: I want you to give me your top five songs that you’d put on a mixtape for someone to listen to that’d get them pumped for a soccer match, go!

Shotgun Honeymoon: HA awesome ok here you go…
Pantera “Walk
Stone Temple Pilots “Dead and Bloated
Limp Bizkit “Break Stuff
Nine Inch Nails “March Of The Pigs
Andres Cantor The Spanish announcer yelling…“GOOOOOOOAAALLLL!!!


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