Various Artists: A Tribute to The Movielife

a-tribute-to-the-movielife-reviewBefore The Wonder Years were the kings of pop punk and even before Pete Wentz had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand, bands like New Found Glory, The Starting Line and The Movielife were creating music that has been able to stand the test of time. An album like The Movielife’s 40 Hour Train Back to Penn is one of those that still receives plenty of rotation in my world. While the men of The Movielife have moved onward, their music has continued to influence their respective scene, so it was a no brainer that it was time to pay respect to them.  A Tribute to The Movielife is filled with your favorite Movielife songs with a twist; some expected pop punk, songs that are a little softer, songs that needed a little extra and some that just make you go, really?

A Tribute to The Movielife had a lot of pop punk to offer up. Both Farewell Fighter’s “Jamiaca Next” and I Call Fives “It’s Something” took a more poppier approach to their tracks thanks to their vocalists youthful sounding voices. When it came to uber pop punk though, hands down Freshman 15’s “Hand Grenade” and The Press War’s “Up To Me” take the cake.

Pop punk’s all good, but I have to give it up to a few tracks that were truly original in redesigning beloved songs. That’s Outrageous! Did their own thing with “This Time Next Year.” Fourth Quarter Comeback with some help from The Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo did the same when it came to their version of “Single White Female.” Lastly, hats off to “My Arcadia” for putting a feminine touch on “Jamestown.”

Those were the three that really stood out throughout the whole album, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t other tracks that have an original format. There are acoustic and folk treats due to Wayward’s “Hey” and “Keep Never Changing” onelinedrawing featuring Gavin Bowes. Now are you ready for the two that just blew my mind? I never thought I could full on dance to The Movielife, but then came Wayward and Young London and “Takin’ It Out and Choppin’ It Up” and “10 Seconds Too Late.” Young London definitely is the track to turn heads and ears on A Tribute to The Movielife.

It wasn’t all a good time though. You’d think This Time Next Year would be able to pull off “Walking On Glass” (hint: guess where they got their name), but I wasn’t feeling it as much as the rest of the album. The same feelings, or lack thereof, went to Bright and Early’s “Face or Kneecaps.” When you do that song, you have to hit it just right, and they ended up wrong.

If one thing comes out of A Tribute to The Movielife, I hope it’s that kids out there who were being born and bred when The Movielife were a big deal who are into bands like Pierce The Veil and The Story So Far, can listen to this album and learn a little history about their scene. A Tribute to The Movielife is covers all the bases of what can be found on a Warped Tour roster, so if you like those compilations, you’ll love this. Also, if you’re a fan of The Movielife, don’t worry…These bands aren’t trying to be your precious band, they’re just paying their respect. Get A Tribute to The Movielife, out now on Pacific Ridge Records.



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