Mike Fisher: Letting Go, Staying Positive and Jumping In

mike-fisher-interview-golden-mixtapeOnce college was over I moved back to the LA area with the rest of my student loan after a summer suffocating in my small hometown. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do and it led me to a job in sales at a radio promotions company. At first it seemed really awesome, but once it became all about the money and it was noticeable that you were treated better if you brought in the most revenue…I had to walk away. Yes, it was two years later, but at least that part of my life is over and done. That’s the one thing that me and Mike Fisher have in common. He too had had enough of the sales game and we both find more pleasure in the creative side of life, than pushing products onto people.

Fans of Owl City before he took on Carly Rae Jepsen, and He Is We will be into Mike Fisher’s indie pop sound that’s both catchy and uplifting at the same time. And while all you audiences only have his lead single “Jump” to nibble on as the year closes, Mike has promised that there are a couple more musical offerings to come before his debut record is all finished up and out. Find out more about that, horribly awesome tattoos and a whole lot of positivity as you keep your eyes reading what’s below.

Kendra Beltran:  You left the money for your dreams, what’s the exactly mean? What you were doing before you decided music was going to be the sun of your life? 

Mike Fisher: Leaving the money for my dreams for me was actually when I quit a pretty decent paying job that was emotionally draining for something I enjoy whether the money is there or not. Before I quit that job and decided to pursue my solo music career, I was working at a few different telephone jobs for different phone/cable/internet service providers. The pressures of sales and getting “let go” for not selling enough of a product that you’re not even passionate about really helped drive me out of there but ultimately it was the music and I would have quit either way.

Kendra: Obviously you chose music, but can you remember the exact moment you sat back and said to yourself, this is something I have to do?

Mike: Yes, I do. I actually woke up one day and had songs flowing through me while at work and I didn’t really do a thing that day at work, I just went on as many “bathroom breaks” as I could to record voicemails on my phone for myself of the ideas I was getting through the day. I was getting random visions of my CD release show happening as well as other shows. I was already thinking of how excited I was to start promoting (one of my favorite things to do). You know it’s meant to be when that many signs are showing up in one day. So I guess it was that day I knew I was soon be solo instead of in the band I was in at the current time and that I would eventually end up quitting the job as well.

Kendra: As of right now fans have “Jump,” but when can they expect a full album?

Mike: Good question! My album is expected to be released by spring of ’13. Two more singles from the album will be released though before then, and those are “Streets of Gold” and “Heartless.” As for the rest of the album, part of it is still being written, then it’s studio time, and then bam! Record release!

Kendra: Will it have the same uplifting vibe of “Jump?”

Mike: It’s going to have some more songs that are uplifting like that, but the variety in this album I’d like to think might be just as wide as Taylor Swift’s RED album. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’ll be putting any country songs I write on the album, but there’s pop in the album, sassy rock, and even “Heartless” as my producer Jordan said, may remind you of a song you would hear when you walk into Hollister with its indie yet pop feel at the same time.

Kendra: You seem like a pretty positive guy and I saw on your Twitter 101 Simple Secrets of Happy People. Can you share your favorites from there?

Mike: I could write a book any time someone asks me about any kind of positivity, I get so excited, haha. I’ll try and keep it less than 300 pages though. Some of my favorites out of there are:

– “Believe in yourself” – There’s a little saying that goes like this “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you’re right.”

– “Accept yourself” – Unconditionally – Who we are is not defined by what we have or don’t have, what we do, or our reputation. Who we all are is someone and something truly great inside and out, and it’s up to each one of us to see in ourselves.

Kendra: Do you use some of those as song inspiration?

Mike: In a way I do. They don’t really come necessarily from any certain book like this one, but these some of these “secrets” are played out to much bigger subjects in the song, sometimes being what the song is about. For example, I write a lot of lyrics on trusting your inner most desires rather than what someone else might think is right for you.

Kendra: Was it intimidating being the primary focus point of the “Jump” video?

Mike: It wasn’t really intimidating at all; in fact I was quite comfortable. My good friend and videographer Ryan Schneider called me up one afternoon and said, “Hey, come over to my house with your keyboard and let’s make a music video for “Jump.” It happened just like that and I was pretty comfortable being the primary focus because that will happen at some point when you’re a solo artist and it’s something that is just good to be content with.

Kendra: A video on the sidebar of “Jump” was a Romney one. Which made me think of that ridiculous guy who got Romney’s campaign logo tatted on his face, but has since said he was getting it removed. Just curious, what’s one of the stupidest tattoos you’ve ever seen?

Mike: Hahaha I heard about that tattoo. Every once in a while I’ll see a tattoo that uses someone’s belly button as the “back door” of an animal. I actually think it’s pretty funny and creative, but I definitely not saying I would get one myself!

Kendra: Back to the music, when can people look forward to seeing you tour and perform?

Mike: I am hoping to do a few shows a tour dates before the record is released and then touring as much as I can after the record release in spring whether it be following tours and promoting or just full on touring!  I cannot wait to get out on the road!!!

Kendra: Because you’ve got a great vibe to you, I want you to make a mixtape of your top five optimistic songs, go!

Mike: This was really tough to make, but easy at the same time! So many choices, but I’ve gotta say these are the top 5 songs that have kept me optimistic for the past few years and still.

Kanye West (ft. Lupe Fiasco) “Touch The Sky
John Mayer “Bigger Than My Body
Angels & Airwaves “The Adventure
Angels & Airwaves “Call to Arms
Take Cover “Wake Up


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