Young Statues: Covers

young-statues-covers-reviewWe’re a culture that has loved cover tunes since American Idol made it really interesting to watch people sing songs we already knew and loved. While that show has fizzled thanks in part to its revolving door of judges and lack of original winners, cover songs are still awesome to hear. The Warped scene gets its share with the Punk Goes… series. Usually they’re original, but in recent years it’s just Top 40 pop songs on repeat. So thank you Young Statues for taking the time to cover some songs that aren’t likely to be found on a NOW compilation.

We’ll split Covers down the middle and talk about two at a time. The first two were okay renditions of the originals. When it came to “Ashes and Fire” originally done by Ryan Adams, Young Statues kept the folk, but just upped the tempo to make their version a little happier in tone. Their New Order cover of “Age of Consent” took the New Wave hit and muffled it just a bit when it came to the vocals, but out of the four, this one seemed the closest in sound to the original.

While I thought Young Statues was throwing an oddball in the ring with “California Girls,” it wasn’t the Katy Perry hit, but The Magnetic Fields one. The OG one has a hushed yet beachy feeling, so for the 2012 version Young Statues just cleared up the vocals while still keeping that fun in the sun vibe. That one was runner up, and coming in first place was their cover of Billy Bragg’s “A New England (feat. Brianna Collins).” The fact that they made this one a duet and changed the arrangement a bit, made it come off as years younger. Also, Brianna’s contribution made it play like a Best Coast tune. Both of these songs are proof that when the lyrics are solid, the song stands tall no matter how it’s sung.

Out of the four songs Young Statues chose to do for their Covers EP, I knew zero. Yup, not a one was familiar to me, but that’s okay because now I can get to know them in a whole new way. Young Statues Covers is for fans of All Get Out and Sainthood Reps, and is out now on Run For Cover Records. Also, make sure to check Young Statues out on tour this December with Make Do And Mend and The Dangerous Summer.


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  1. […] Young New England wasn’t the perfect record because I often set up camp with the first three, but it had enough hits for me to note it on the little post-its I have that keep track of my favorite musical things from the year; songs, albums, shows. You’ll have to wait until December to find out which track might end up on my annual “best of” list, but the wait for Young New England is no more because it’s out now on Rise Records. If you’re into bands like American Football and Colourmeinkindness, then you’ll want to check out Transit’s Young New England and then head out to see them with Seahaven and Young Statues. […]

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