Woe, Is Me: Genesi[s]

It’s been awhile since I wrote even started a review in a moving vehicle since I have no regular excuse to leave the homestead and face reality. But I’m sitting in the backseat after a turnaround trip to Vegas for New Found Glory. The show ended two and a half hours ago and due to having a mom whose gambling problem made childhood a living hell and being broke, I sat on the sidelines and wandered while everyone else enjoyed. So now on a back road home, I guess this is as good a time as any to get into some Woe, Is Me and their new album Genesi[s]. I expected to not take to anything off of it, but low and behold I found some things on this hardcore album that I liked.

Walking around Vegas alone is like listening to “F.Y.I.” and “A Story To Tell.” If you’ve been, you get it. You feel violated by the men who think eye contact is an invitation for conversation. The hardcore vocals musically hit you and if you’re not into that scene, it’s basically like harassment from overbearing men on the sidewalks of The Strip. But if you like what some would consider domineering, then a lot of what Woe, Is Me is about is for you. You also will love walking around Vegas at night, alone, looking for Dairy Queen.

Honestly I usually don’t give bands like Woe, Is Me a chance because I just assume it’s all “rawr rawr.” So it was a surprise like finding a sober girl on The Strip. So here were my restrained beauties; “I Came I Saw I Conquered” and “Call It Like You See It.” Both songs start with cleaned up vocals and made me rethink my world without Woe, Is Me. I now know there is room for them in my sphere. I just had to recognize they were capable of another side.

Another pair to point out is neither here or there in preference. They just made me stay and linger like a tourist amazed by the Bellagio water show. “Nothing Left To Lose” had an odd occurrence of sounds that it reminded me of what The Used used to do back in the day. Then there was “The Walking Dead” that garnered more of my attention because it seems to be everyone’s favorite show (but mine). Plus the lyrics felt like they were talking about someone turning into a mindless being, much like what a zombie is.

I never know what will spark in my head when listening to music, but Woe, Is Me Genesi[s] scream, post-hardcore style was a good match for my trip to Vegas. It was fun when it came to the parts that were more innocent like the NFG show, but I could pass on the more intense parts like the gambling. If you’re a fan of Memphis May Fire or Of Mice & Men, who Woe, Is Me is touring with in the New Year. So if you like all that jazz, then get Genesi[s], out now on Velocity/Rise Records, and catch them on the road right now with Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Our Last Night through early December.

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