Sink Swim: Elements, Rocket Power and Hostess

Anderson Live is a repeat and I’ve yet to brush my nappy hair, but as I sit here procrastinating getting ready for a quick trip to Vegas, I am loving a little band from my neck of the woods, Sink Swim. It’s not rare for a band to enter my life that is from California, but it’s not as common as one would think. Usually I’m overwhelmed by the talent from the east coast, but Sink Swim is a Golden State band who has this innocence to their sound. I was instantly reminded of Artist Vs Poet (when they had the OG singer and not that dude who lost on The Voice this season).

With their new EP Elements, I am sure they’re bound to get on some attention from girls who are looking for the next band to stalk…I mean follow on Twitter. I sure am in love with their style and will be keeping tabs on their whereabouts (musically of course) via Facebook. But before you start listening to their music and falling in love with them, check out what they had to say about everything from Rocket Power to suburban parental units.

Kendra:  What sparked your interest in music at such young ages, was it a band, song, or show?

Dane: It’s difficult to say which of those were what set our interest in music, when it was really just music in general. The feeling that soaked in from the first time we each heard it. I can definitely look back and say there were certain bands, and songs or shows that inspired us to push for this path as we’ve grown up. But the initial love came from the feeling it gave then, and it grows as it lingers.

Kendra: It’s one thing to love music, but another to make it your whole world. At what point did music go from a hobby to what you wanted to do with your life?

Dane: The real decision to make being in a full time band set into each of us at different times and ages. For me, I’d say around 12 and 13 was when I really wanted to start a career in music. It’s all I thought about, did or thought I was good at haha. Jake always loved music but really decided to take it seriously while he and his family were living in Washington a few years back and his dad bought him a guitar when they were snowed in. He was hooked from there. Corey started getting into bands around 16 so about 4 almost 5 years ago as well.

Kendra: This one’s for Corey, Sink Swim is far from your hardcore days. What caused the switch in musical expression?

Corey: Well, a lot of it had to do with timing. Things weren’t working out with my previous band because of “creative differences” I guess and when the opportunity came up to be in this band, I had to give it a try. I’ve been doing music with Jake for a while; we’ve always had great musical chemistry. I had also known Dane for long time, and when I tried out, everything just clicked. I take influences from many different styles of music though. I really enjoy like the hard-hitting and high-energy rhythms, but mixed with a good bit of grooviness and I could really implement and develop a more natural and organic playing style to the music we have been writing. There is a lot of freedom because we literally just love music, and we write what comes out naturally, and to me, that’s what expression through music is all about.

Kendra: To move to the current, Hostess recently caused a stir announcing they were closing shop. So since I found Elements to be as innocently delicious as a Hostess treat, I want you to compare your latest EP to a classic Hostess product and explain why…

Dane: We love this question. Not just because we love Twinkies either. But we’re going to have to say Elements is most like a Zinger. I mean, all the Hostess treats are ridiculously good, but to us a Zinger stands out…as does Elements. Something familiar in a sense, but unique. It really is a “zinger” haha.  Now the new EP we have coming out might just be a treat of a whole new kind….

Kendra: On a more broad scale, why do you think bands still hold onto MySpace?

Dane: The bands that began using MySpace might still hold on to it because it once provided a lot of success to so many bands that might not have otherwise had the chance to be heard and there’s nostalgia in that.

Kendra: Before MySpace was even around there was Rocket Power, which I noticed you guys representing on your Facebook. So if each of you were a character, who would be who?

Dane: This question really sparked a debate between us! It took a minute, but we’ve decided I’m most like Otto because he’s the singer/leader, Jake is Twister because he’s the band prankster and we have to put Corey as Squid because he was the last to join the band but he holds it down! I mean… we’re all really extreme though.

Kendra: Living in the suburbs of LA, are your parents stereotypical suburban, straight laced people, or are they A-OK with all the tattoos and the band lifestyle?

Dane: We’re definitely blessed to have parents who accept and support us expressing ourselves whether it be music or tattoos. They have faith in our dream. As far as the “band lifestyle” some might understand it more than others but overall we have all the support in the world.

Kendra: Looking back, what musical advice would you give your 12-year-old selves on what you’ve learned so far about the “business?”

Dane: Mainly the same advice we try to give ourselves now, which is to be ourselves and always remain original, to take IT seriously but not take YOURSELF too seriously and to watch your step and surround yourself with a family of support! There are and will be things that come along to try and bring the whole thing down but as long as you love it, and keep moving forward nothing will stop it from happening.

Kendra: Now to look forward, are you guys going to keep it local as far as shows go, or are you working on plans to expand?

Dane: Our plans are always to expand! We have a few local shows in the LA area coming up as well as some others in the works. But we’ll definitely be doing some traveling in the very near future in support of our upcoming music. We have a lot planned following our next release!

Kendra: Since we’re amidst the holidays, I want you to make a mixtape with your top 5 songs that’d get you through them. I mean, whether it’s family overload, stress to find the perfect gift, or what have you…the holidays can be rough!

Dane: Absolutely! Our top 5 songs to get us through the holidays are definitely a mixture of holiday songs and originals. We have no particular order, but these are what came to mind:

The Story So Far “High Regard
Deathcab For Cutie “Grapevine Fires
The Maine “Santa Stole My Girlfriend
City and Colour “Comin’ Home
John Lennon “Happy Christmas (War is Over)


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