Various Artists: Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa

Some Michael Moore movie is on about capitalism. I find it funny that Moore’s net worth is $50 million and his house is so big the trailer I grew up in could fit in it about 5 times (give or take). I find it annoying and block it out with the sounds of Africa. That’s not my typical response to avoiding what’s on TV, but Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa has been sitting in my iTunes a long time now and it’s finally time to share my thoughts about it.

Before you question if this is a world music blog, no it’s not and Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa is actually a really cool concept. For the most part it’s well-known artists and their songs, revamped in an African style. Artists from all walks of life from Eminem to Mumford & Sons, are featured on their tracks as well, so it’s not a total takeover of the song, but a sort of remix of it.

Let’s go with the band that everyone seems to love right now, Mumford & Sons. They sell out venues with their folk style, but have ditched their signature sound for a more tribal one with their “Timshel.” Along the same lines as Mumford & Sons is Coldplay, who contributed their hit “Viva La Vida” for an African makeover. For the most part, the new version didn’t sound too different from the original.

For the most drastic change, I’d have to point to Eminem’s “Not Afraid.” Slim Shady is kept for the choruses, but the verses are taken over by an African artist, and very well done. I went in thinking that it was going to be a mess, but actually it proved to be one of the best surprises about Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa. Eminem’s was great, but Bruno Mars took it home with “Grenade.”

If today’s artists aren’t to your liking, no worries, Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa took notice of the 90’s as well with R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” and Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge.”

Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa is definitely a CD you’d find on a Starbucks counter because of its worldly aspects, and the involvement of Vh1 acts like Coldplay and Mumford & Sons. So if you find yourself toying with adding an album to your latte purchase every morning, then Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa is the album for you. It’s also for people who love to explore musically. You might not ever listen to an African artist on Pandora because you’re not familiar with their artists, but here are some of your Top 40 favorites giving you an excuse to take on something new. Rhythms Del Mundo: Africa is out November 20th on The End Records.

Because you need to know all the artists featured:

01. Viva La Vida (Africa Mix) [feat. Coldplay]
02. I Miss You (Africa Mix) [feat. Beyonce]
03. She Said (Africa Mix) [feat. Plan B.]
04. I Need a Dollar (Africa Mix) [feat. Aloe Blacc]
05. Not Afraid (Africa Mix) [feat. Eminem ft TS1]
06. Timshel (Africa Mix) [feat. Mumford & Sons]
07. Is This Love? (Africa Mix) [feat. Rokia Traore]
08. Under the Bridge (Africa Mix) [feat. Red Hot Chili Peppers]
09. Mykonos (Africa Mix) [feat. Fleet Foxes]
10. Losing My Religion (Africa Mix) [feat. R.E.M. ft Ali Farka Toure Band]
11. I Am Because (Africa Mix) [feat. Shanade]
12. Grenade (Africa Mix) [feat. Bruno Mars]
13. John and Yoko (Africa Mix) [feat. Rokia Traore]


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