Bears & Dolls: Sexual Tension & Wombats in Wonderland

There are only a few places I want to travel to in this world…New York to live out my fantasy of standing outside the MTV studio, Florida to visit Disney World and a few other places between my home in California and the east coast. See I want to stay in America, and while most people want to head to Australia…I ain’t one of them. Despite them having great bands like Oceanics and Bears & Dolls, I can’t shake the idea that there are bugs there that could eat my face (Overdramatic a bit? Nope.).

Yes, Bears & Dolls, we will never meet in person unless you leave your small town down under and head to the US because kangaroos might be adorable as hell, but the other animals scare the crap out of me. So while we wait until the day you’re in my neck of the woods, we’ll have the internet to keep us tied together.

Instead of hogging this hilarious group of talented musicians to myself though…I decided to share their thoughts on fairy tales, sexual frustration, the Outback and more.

Kendra: When there’s a disagreement in the band, is there a definite boys VS girls that happens?

Bears & Dolls: It’s not so much “boys vs girls” as it is “everyone vs Josh E.” That guy has the worst ideas. Honestly though, most of our disagreements are due to the sexual tension that goes on between the boys in the band. We’ve got some serious man love going on.

Kendra: Now is Kimberly still in the band since you’re on the lookout for a new keyboardist?

Bears & Dolls: Yes, Kim’s kindly agreed to help us out until we find a new keys player, one who is as equally as sexy as she is. They also need to be open to experimentation on all kinds of levels, love kittens and laugh hysterically at that YouTube video of people saying the names of food in a retarded way.

Kendra: The idea of kissing mirrors in one of your songs made me think of a fairy tale, so if you had to compare your music to any fairy tale…Which would it be and why?

Bears & Dolls: We’ve been told a few times that if Alice from Alice in Wonderland had a band we would be it, and we’re all pretty happy with that analogy. We’re more than a little bit weird, Brooke especially, and if you let us, we’ll take you on a magical journey of sound, full of invisible creepy cats, giant talking flowers and spiked cakes.

Kendra: Do you ever feel constrained in Australia as far as playing shows goes, and places you can play?

Bears & Dolls: We live in one of the most isolated cities in not only Australia, but the world, so we definitely feel limited with where we play! The local scene is strong, but it’s very small and it’s hard to break through to the big time all the way over here. There is a bigger/better scene over in the Eastern states of Australia, but the distance between Perth and Sydney is the same as it is between Germany and Kazhakstan (who says band interviews can’t be educational?) so once we’re ready, touring nationally let alone internationally will prove to be incredibly expensive –  we’re all just poor boys from poor families! (Spare him his life from this monstrosity!)

Kendra: What’s going on with you guys musically? Working on new things or just focusing on getting a new keyboardist?

Bears & Dolls: It’s a bit of both – the show must go on and it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings, ‘cept we don’t yet have a fat lady to sing/play keyboard! Musically though, we’re taking a slightly different direction. We’ve been together for just over a year now so we’ve had time to really think about what kind of sound we want from our band and what we want to do with our music. We’ve decided that we want to move from our “quirk-folk” kind of sound to a more “quirk-electric-pop”. Josh E. has just bought some new toys (not those kind of toys) to help bring out the more electro side that we were looking for. Our new song “Scare Tactic” would be a good example of the new sound we’re aiming for – (shameless plug, go check it out!)

Kendra: Being one who spends Sunday’s watching Animal Planet, I have to ask have any if you had a run in with any of those scary animals Australia’s known for?

Bears & Dolls: Unfortunately, yes. At the moment, Perth is in the middle of a horrific and bloody battle between man and wombat. Scientists in the downtown laboratory were conducting experiments on the friendly creatures to see if they could make them glow in the dark, but then something went horribly wrong. The details are still unknown to the general public, but we believe there was some kind of radiation leak which caused the wombats to mutate into huge, grotesque beings. These beasts are blood thirsty and are destroying everything to get to the sweet taste of human flesh, so we’ve all been advised to go down to our bomb shelters and hide until it’s all over.

Kendra: Last one to tie it all together…If you were heading to the Outback, what would be the top five songs you’d put on a Mixtape for the adventure?

Bears & Dolls:  We had to resist the urge to just list five of our own songs, because we’re terrible people and that’s the kind of thing we’d do, so here’s what we came up with instead!

Contact High” Architecture in Helsinki
“Raggamuffin” Selah Sue
Dustbowl Dance” Mumford & Sons
“Creep” Radiohead
Night Drive” Gotye


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