Team Goldie: Going Out Living

Growing up my mom worked at the little liquor store in our town. Besides overpriced cereal and deli food, they sold grab bags for kids. The only thing that made them the slight bit different was the labels “boy” and “girl.” The labels didn’t matter much and in the end you never got what you really expected, rather a little bit of everything. That’s what came to mind when I was listening to Team Goldie’s Going Out Living because it had a “pop rock” label, but really the variety offered in just five songs was a surprise.

The “Overture” was a nice gesture, but unnecessary to me because I don’t feel intros need to be longer than a minute. Things picked up with the All Time Low like “Going Out Living (ft. Jimmy Stadt).” It was a tongue twister of sorts and I now feel it’s my mission to not only learn every word, but be able to execute them as well. I thought the entire record would have that energetic feel, but I was wrong. “New York” went down a little thug path, and “…Is Finishing School For Cynics Like Us” had this overall church choir feel to it. I was really confused but those two, like where’d the pop rock go? Team Goldie decided to take a slowed down approach to an otherwise fast paced Piebald song, “American Hearts.” Since I’m not dedicated to the other, I think they did a fine job with the cover.

Going Out Living was a grab bag album due to it never sticking to an all-around theme, or rather genre. Each song is different from the last and leaves you guessing as to what Team Goldie is all about. Essentially they’re a pop rock band from Pennsylvania  that would play well with bands like Mayday Parade and We The Kings. Going Out Living is out now and if you like albums that aren’t the same the whole way through, then this one’s for you

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