Larzz: Love This Life

Recently I wanted to write on how I can’t stand 20-30 year olds who are guilty of once obsessing over the likes of N’SYNC and Britney, who now think because they’ve “matured” and love Mumford & Sons, that they have the right to talk crap on today’s pop music. It’s stupid to think “Genie in a Bottle” is any better pop wise than “Call Me Maybe.” The truth is, no matter what decade it is, pop music never really changes. It’s about having fun, being catchy and ending up everyone’s earworm. That’s that case with Larzz’s Love This Life. I grew up during MTV’s TRL days when pop reigned supreme, and will never turn my back on a good pop song because of that, which includes a couple from Love This Life.

While I was a little taken aback at first over the mention of sex and being drunk in “Party Up,” I shook it off because I thought back to Timberlake and Co.’s “Digital Getdown” and realized that pop music has never been that innocent. It’s a song fitting for a well, party of course. It’s a good time song that’s got a line I identify with all too well as an adult amongst a sea of friends who are on the “grown up” path while I’m just sitting on the sidewalk, “9 to 5, rather die. I’m never gonna be a drone.”

“Love This Life” is every Bruno Mars song; pop with some hip hop thrown in, easy to learn, fun to sing and doesn’t really have a hard hitting message, but a simple one that everyone can relate to.

Half the record was great, and those songs have already been mentioned, but then I got to “Lose Yourself” and it seemed like “Party Up’s” cousin with more club appeal, but wasn’t as fun as one would hope. Then there was “Parasite.” I couldn’t tell if it was a compliment of a burn to a female companion. If you know, let me know…

Larzz’s Love This Life is a pop record that’s less Selena Gomez and more on the pace of The Ready Set and the new stuff Owl City has going on. So if you can’t get enough of those artists, then add Larzz to the mix and you won’t be disappointed. Love This Life is available October 23rd on Twilight Records. And remember, that if you loved pop music at any point in your life, never think you’re above it, just enjoy it.

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