Oceanics: “The City” Single

It’s rare to write about one song, but I’ve done it before and I’m doing it now, so rare? More like, not that common, but when it’s a band who’s already laid foundation in your musical heart…Why not? Oceanics was brought to my attention back in April when their EP, Bright People gave birth to one of my all-time favorite tracks, “Chinatown (is not Newtown).” Now they are back with their new single, “The City.” It’s an indie pop treat for those who like the energy of the metropolitan lifestyle.

This Aussie band capture the spirit of a youth taking on what else, “The City.” You can’t help but notice where this track takes place as the chorus reminds you more often than not. On that note, it’s that part of the song that listeners will be humming along to most. The muffled ways of the verses are for fans of Foster The People fans, while the upbeat pace is for those looking to replace Rooney in their lives. So this Oceanics’ track acts as a happy medium.

The City” is taking on a big task of keeping new and already fans Oceanics interest as the first single off their new album that’s scheduled for a March 2013 release.Now put “The City” on your iPod if you’re a fan of indie pop and as it comes around in shuffle every once in a while, remind yourself…March 2013, March 2013, can’t wait! That’s what I plan to do, so get “The City,” out now!

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