GOLDHOUSE: Chi-Town, Dogs and Electro-Pop

As a man fell from space and the Endeavor was tugged around Los Angeles, I was sitting at my mom’s making sure her pups had water and food, and did their business outside before I took off. Once home I laid around watching specials on bizarre animals. I may not have made space history, but I wrote a paragraph in the story that is my life, and I’d like to add a section on GOLDHOUSE while I’m at it.

GOLDHOUSE is a hardcore Chicagoan who likes to Twitpic pictures of his girlfriend’s dog and says his new EP, All Night Long, has “lots of character.” And it does with its electro-pop style and first single, “The Moment,” that’s proven to be a hit on Sirius Radio’s “20 on 20.” The music has a youthful scent and excitement to it that fans of The Ready Set and Breathe Electric are always on the lookout for.

If that sounds like you, or you just want to know what GOLDHOUSE does when stressed, would’ve done before music or would entertain you with at a cocktail party, keep your eyes wide and read on.

Kendra: Before music, what was your way of life? Was there another path you were heading down at all?

Goldhouse: I was in college with the intention of becoming a dentist.

Kendra: Did you dabble in any other styles of music before you settled on what you’re doing now?

GOLDHOUSE: I played in plenty of pop, rock, metal, whatever bands before I started down the whole electro pop route.

Kendra: I recently went to Comikaze, which is a like a baby Comic-Con. Do you have any extreme fandoms like Dr. WhoStar WarsLord of the Rings, etc. that your fans should be aware of?

GOLDHOUSE: I don’t think I’d consider myself an extreme fan of anything like that, but I do enjoy the occasional Lord of the Rings marathon.  I am an EXTREME fan of the Chicago Bulls though…

Kendra: Are you going to get some touring in before we ring in 2013?

GOLDHOUSE: We’re playing a festival down in Dallas called Unsilent Night in December.  Probably going to play a few shows on our way down and back as well!

Kendra: Noticed you’re into Kitchen Nightmares, does that mean you’re somewhat of a foodie when on the road?

GOLDHOUSE: I’m something of a wannabe chef.  I guess you could say it’s my outlet when I’m stressed out about things.  I’m also a huge Gordon Ramsay fan.

Kendra: Last one, if you had to make a mixtape of five songs for a cocktail party, which would you choose, go!

Peter Gabriel “In Your Eyes
Penguin Prison “The Worse It Gets
Prince “Kiss
Erik Hassle “Hurtful
Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” (People always go apeshit for some Phil)

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