Lloyd of Get Scared: Everything from Glassjaw to Utah

“To stop myself from having a mental breakdown with a side of panic attack and a dose of depression…” I wrote that on my personal Tumblr at about midnight. No more than 30 minutes later I started crying like an overdramatic actor on a CW show. I say that because I felt stupid that I was letting my insecurities and future (unlikely) possibilities get the best of me. I kept thinking, Kendra, you have to finish up that Get Scared piece for tomorrow and every time I picked up the laptop, there were more tears.

Finally, my deep breathing worked and I thought about this band from Utah I’d never heard of until I listened to Built for Blame, Laced for Shame back in August. Now I’m aware of this hard rock outlet that survives more on melody than abrasive vocal attacks.But sometimes you just need to know more about a band than their music…Like what kid’s book they’d compare their album to, or whether or not living in Utah was rough, or maybe what songs on their iPod puts them to shame? Well you’re in luck because you can find out all those things and more thanks to Lloyd of Get Scared.

Kendra: Did you grow up in a strict household in Utah, or was your family all for your musical choices?

Lloyd: My parents and family are literally my biggest fans. I grew up in an incredibly supportive family. I am super lucky to have been in a situation like that. I feel horrible for kids who have big dreams or aspirations, yet they are in a situation that hinders them from reaching their dreams.

Kendra: You’ve been around awhile now, and have this huge web presence on Twitter and Facebook, does it ever feel as if it’s a cult like following (not in the creepy cult way, in the more admirable sense)?

Lloyd: Yeah totally, we are so lucky to have as many fans as we do. It’s like a huge family.

Kendra: You’ve toured with bands that do have an obsessive fan base who like to wear face paint and such. Are your fans into things like that, or are they more natural and come as is?

Lloyd: I’d say both, we surprisingly have a large variety of fans. That is Get Scared’s goal. We want to be a band for the human race.

Kendra: I noticed a lot of rhyming with your latest album and some songs on it, and it reminded me a lot of Dr. Suess who happens to be a favorite of mine, so if you had to compare Built for Blame, Laced for Shame to a classic children’s book, which would it be and why…and try to stay away from Suess since I already went there.

Lloyd: I’d say it would have to be The Very Hungry Caterpillar because at the point in time, we were starving to record and eat up every opportunity that came to us. We got our new line up and we’re ready to devour anything in our way.

Kendra: A lot of bands have been taking notice of how popular the anniversary album shows are; Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, The Starting Line. Is there a band from when you were growing up that you’d love to see play an album front to back? And which album and why?

Lloyd: I would love to see Refused play Shape of Punk to Come front to back live. That was one of the many records that pushed me to be the musician I am today. I would also love to see Glassjaw play Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence or Worship and Tribute” front to back. That would be epic.

Kendra: Do you have any other talents other than musical?

Lloyd:  I play tennis a lot, and I also love disc golf.

Kendra: Recently I read that women were eating up these Cinderella inspired shoes for about 90 bucks. That leads me to ask, what’s the biggest thing you’ve ever splurged on?

Lloyd: I decided one day I wanted to be a baller and buy a pair of $350 boots that fell apart after one tour. Haha, not my brightest moment.

Kendra: Lastly, to cap it off since this is Golden Mixtape…You’re going to make one! Yours is all about feeling shameful, so if you had to make a mixtape of the top 5 songs on your iPod you’re ashamed of, what would you pick?

Lloyd: Haha oh man, well…
Creed “With Arms Wide Open
Nickelback “How You Remind Me
Drowning Pool “Bodies
Disturbed “Down With The Sickness
Live “I Alone


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