American Verse: Heaven’s In Your Head

Instead of watching The Big Bang Theory season premiere, I was stuffing my face with Taco Bell and watching Book of Mormon for the second time this month. After a good night, I came home to a friend’s Facebook status about saving for retirement…she’s my age, 25. It confused me because I have always believed that you never know when you’ll die, so live in the moment. As this processed in my mind American Verse’s Heaven’s In Your Head played through an earbud.

This Massachusetts band blend together rock, punk and heart to get a blend that’s a little Saves The Day and a little Blink 182 in their later years; in-between the naked running and the “hiatus.” “Heaven’s In Your Head” started like Pentimento, very brash, only to soften up but then sped up with the notion “I’m like the earth, every year I get worse” on repeat. It was a style rollercoaster, but the one you get on time and time again to see if you can catch every part with your eyes open.

You’d have to have your eyes wide and ears ready if you didn’t want to miss “The Last Fucking Song I’ll Ever Write About You.” It’s 25 seconds long and a great way to showcase how you really feel about someone. Let them know they’re not on your good side, but not worth a lot of your time.

What I Really Am” is a testament of reality. It doesn’t sugarcoat the voices situation and tells it like it is. If only people could be like that all the time and admit they’re faults, the world would be a brighter place. It also had a line that made me go on a mental tangent that will now become a mini written one…”…can’t please all the people, but I still try.” It’s good the songwriter admits that, but honey, never try to impress anyone. There are far too many people in the world and if you worry about making them all smile, you’ll be the last to crack one.

By the end of American Verse’s Heaven’s In Your Head I was still on the edge of “why would you plan retirement at 25?” But I was a little more at ease thanks to this album that’s for fans of Pull Strings and Something About Airplanes and is out now on Better Days Records, so pick it up and let it be your partner as you ponder Facebook status’ at 1am.

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