Una Jensen: Heartbreak, Hayley Williams and Homeschooling

When I was in high school I was in my room most of the time watching TV, wishing Seth Cohen was my boyfriend and listening to music that would shape my existence for the next decade. I wasn’t out and about making my dreams come true. Because honestly, I didn’t know the first place to start to be a Backstreet Boys backup dancer in my small trailer infested town. Una Jensen on the other hand is a lucky youngster. She’s not only got the love and support from her family to make her musical goals come true, but she’s got a catchy as hell pop rock sound that doesn’t hurt her chances either.

Keep on reading to find out who she freaks out over, her school life and her band ideas…

Kendra Beltran:  What do you say to critics/skeptics who might say you’re too young to sing about boys and whatnot? I mean maybe not as many skeptics since Taylor Swift has done well with her boy-centric tunes…

Una Jensen: Young sflung!! Love is a universal thing. No matter how old you are you feel it in some way or another. Almost every song is about love or heartbreak. It’s almost impossible to NOT write about love or heartbreak!! Especially when you’re truly feeling one of those things. When I write, it’s because there is no other way to explain how I feel… And yes, I do feel heartbreak and love. I do date boys and I do have crushes… I mean, I’m a teenage girl!!  I guess I would ask them if they have a teenage daughter!!

Kendra: Congratulations on being in J-14, as a huge Backstreet Boys fan (yes, I’m old) I am very well versed in the magazine. Being 15, are there artists out now who you admittingly fangirl over?

Una: Ohhhh yah!! Hayley Williams, Thom Yorke, Adam Levine…Whenever I watch an interview on YouTube with any of these three I kinda freak out!!  They all are huge influences to who I am as a musician!!

Kendra:  Let’s stay on the young factor. How do you balance school, shows and school work?

Una: I’m actually homeschooling now which helps a lot with the balancing act that comes with being a musician!

Kendra:  What are your plans for the future, will you focus solely on the career first and then head to college when the time is right?

Una: Yah, I’m planning on focusing on my career before I try to take on college. I’m hoping that’ll be another awesome chapter to my life!! After the chapter titled “Una Jensen: The Rock Star!” of course.

Kendra:  You obviously have a great support system at home. What’s some advice you have for teens out there who want to get into music, but aren’t surrounded by a family willing to be there for them?

Una: I’ve been fortunate enough to have had an extremely supportive family that’s behind me with everything I do, so it’s hard to imagine them not being there. If you are going through parental/family issues like that I guess I’d encourage you to NEVER stop working towards your dream!! Don’t let ANYONE bring you down or stop you. And if your family doesn’t quite understand why you want to sing or play in a band, give them time to realize how much you want it by working hard and doing it yourself!!  That’s guaranteed to get a positive reaction.

Kendra:  It seems like every artist thought, both young and old, is getting involved with anti-bullying campaigns. Is that something you’re a part of as well, or would like to be involved with?

Una: Most definitely!!  That’s actually another reason why I’m home schooled.  Bullying affected me all throughout 8th, 9th and 10th grade. I would love love LOVE to help with kids going through what I, and so many other kids all over the country, have gone through!!

Kendra:  Moving back to the music, would you ever want to be a part of a band?

Una: Yesss, I secretly wanna be a front woman for a heavy metal band!! Shhh don’t tell anyone…

Kendra:  You’ve got a good amount of east coast dates, what about the west?

Una: I would absolutely LOVE to do a west coast tour because the west coast is so different from the east coast in so many ways. The only state I’ve been on the west coast was California, and I lived there for about three years. I’d love to explore that side of the country!!

Kendra: Being a pop rock act, have you considered going out for Warped Tour for 2013?

Una: Oh heck yah!! Warped is a big goal of mine, actually. Paramore was on Warped, Katy Perry, All Time Low, the list goes on and on… I would be honored to be a part of the Warped family.

Kendra: Lastly, we’d like to add you into out mixtape family and ask you to make us a mixtape. For yours we’d like your top five songs that showcase the rock side of yourself, go!

“See You” Foo Fighters
“Alive In The Lights” Memphis Mayfire
“Brick By Boring Brick” Paramore
“Hero/Heroine” Boys Like Girls
“Just a Man” Faith No More (I know EVERY word including the talking part)


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