Will of Call Me Anything: Hotel Disasters and Pop Masters

Dashboard Confessional is on in a room only containing me and my thoughts. No this is not a sad Emo tale from 2005, it’s my present state as I stare at my newly decorated walls and try and find the words to pour out about Will Tenney of Call Me Anything since we chatted last week and below is the interview that went down.

Will, Will, Will…he’s a busy man doing a lot of the marketing and even came up with their tagline, “apologies in advance for whatever happens next,” he would also never go under the knife for beautification. Some other things you should know about Will; he loves Justin Bieber’s new album, knows a shit ton about Katy Perry and respects Warped Tour’s Kevin Lyman for his broad sense of talent.

Think you don’t need to go on? Think again…Continuing on would enhance your knowledge of the Call Me Anything world. I mean, you’ll learn what Will had to say his biggest “sorry” for, what he’d give you to make you feel better and if they’ll be returning to the west coast any time soon…

Kendra Beltran: Watching your “Let’s Talk” video, it seems like you were a band writing those so called “serious” songs you speak of now. What made you want to drop that and focus on the style you have going now, that party feel?

Will Tenney: I mean I don’t know if the songs that we were writing on our first record were too serious, but I know what you’re talking about. They were definitely less happy go lucky, if you will. I mean me and Matt met and have both been in bands since we were 14 or 15. We’d been writing those kinds of songs the better half of 5 or 6 years, touring on those songs. I love that kind of music and I still play it all the time what have you. But we felt like we needed to do something different. I’ve always been a huge fan of pop music; I grew up on pop music, have an ear for pop music. We wanted to make a record and Celebrity is what came out.

Kendra: You have this tagline “apologies in advance for whatever happens next.” So what’s the biggest thing you ever had to say sorry for?

Will: I don’t know God, that’s a good question…Well okay, so last year we did a semi-national tour that was three quarters of country; July 2011. We were in Chicago and we had a day off before we went to Nashville. It was Matt’s birthday so Matt’s family was really, really nice and got us and our crew a hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago which is this huge, beautiful hotel. It’s really nice, the whole nine yards. So we had a little party there that night and ended up causing like $1,500 worth of damage to the hotel room. Long story short, we ended up running all over the city, taking cabs outside the city to really weird locations, I don’t know why we did that. We woke up the next morning and my keychain that has all the laminates of all the tours I’ve done since I was like 14 or 15, was gone. I woke up, no clothes on, on the floor, my laminates were gone. All the mattresses were thrown off the bed. There was a cable had been torn out the wall. I was like, what the fuck had happened? Luckily when we were checking out the manager of the hotel came up and said the cab driver had come up and given the laminates to the front desk. So yeah, we had a few apologies to make after that fiasco.

Kendra: Phew, I was really worried about those laminates. You just released a video for “Celebrity” and it looks like a scene from classic teen movies. So if you had to pick a teen movie for your EP Celebrity to be the soundtrack to, which would it be and why?

Will: Oh wow, okay personally, like Will answering the question, American Pie. I thought they were so cool. I wanted to do all the things they were doing. But I don’t know if the genre of the music would fit that well. So maybe a more modern classic, something like Project X or…Project X would work.

Kendra: Back to the music. You have a bit of dates lined up, but are there any plans for heading out west?

Will: We were planning to go out west this summer. We were thinking about going out with this band Allstar Weekend on the west coast. It just didn’t end up working out unfortunately. We decided that we were going to focus on pushing the video and working on fall dates for the East coast. At this stage it’s just a ways out. We’d love to get out there. I’ve been to LA a couple times since we started this band. I did a meet & greet out there. I went to The Troubadour and saw this band, Kicking Daisy, with the girl from Shake It Up on Disney Channel. We kind of did something there with that. I’d love to get out there and do more stuff because the kids out there are really responsive. I think next year, within the next 12-18 months we would definitely do something out there for sure.

Kendra: What is it about Katy Perry that makes you gravitate towards her music when it comes to making covers?

Will: Not just making covers, but in general, we love Katy Perry like to death. She is awesome. I don’t what it is about here. I think in pop music, to me there’s two characters, well in all genres, but pop is kind of the mainstream that’s always looked at. So to me there’s two kinds of characters…there’s the people that have hits. They’re relatively generic. Those people die out. They might sell a couple hundred thousand copies, but it’s the artists that are their own unique person, that have their own personality and have the drive, and the want to be their own person and to me Katy Perry is totally that.

Kendra: Back to the idea of celebrity. If you had to make a mixtape of the top 5 songs for a celebrity to listen to while dealing with a tabloid scandal, which would you pick. Let’s say Katy Perry. I know she was at a waterpark recently and her bottoms came off, so let’s make her a mixtape that’d help her feel better after that.

Miss Potter’s Lullaby” Counting Crows
Holiday” Call Me Anything
Not Your Birthday” Allstar Weekend
Good Time” Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
“Dammit” Blink-182

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