The Larch: Days to the West

Something that I wasn’t old enough to fully appreciate in the early 90’s was the alternative music scene. While college students were in oversized Spin Doctors tees, I was waiting anxiously for the new Western Barbie…She came with a horse and it was a pretty big deal. But it’s safe to assume the members of The Larch weren’t in line at Kmart for the blonde. They were too busy taking in everything musical be it trippy riffs or British influences. All that and more come across loud and clear on their new record, Days to the West, that make you feel like you’re back in a dorm in 1994.

Unless you love that sound that’s two decades old, it’s not likely The Larch is your cup of tea. Speaking on, we’ll get to that British invasion on the album. “The Second Face” will make you do a double take as you ask, is this guy from the UK? The vocals sound British enough that is passes. Right after that, if you’re not on shuffle, will be “Midweek Nebula” which could be on Dr. Who. I’ve never seen it, but the internet fandom has me pretty familiar with what’s going on and this seems a perfect fit for the sci-fi mainstay.

Now on to the trippy elements…Both that represent this section loud and clear are “Epigenetics” and “Monkey Happy Hour.” One will have no real clue what these are about and to prove how 90’s this record sounds, let’s just say that Pauly Shore would’ve been a fan of either of these tracks.

If you’re not interested in trippy, 90’s British inspired rock, than let me tickle your fancy with the two songs that made me stop and linger in the moment a bit more…“In Two Places at Once” and title track “Days of the West” both start with beautiful played strings and give off something different than the rest of the record. However, one is not advised to listen to “In Two Places at Once” alone and at night because it sounds a bit creepy, like the Mad Hatter’s singing it. Go ahead and listen to the other by your lonesome though, it sparks creativity. Seriously, while I had it on, I decorated a notebook.

The Larch’s Days to the West is a step back to a time when the biggest problem in the world was Bill Clinton’s sexcapades. So if you like the way Pulp and Squeeze’s Glenn Tilbrook do their thing, then The Larch is for you when Days to the West drops September 19th. If you’re wondering, I did get that Western Barbie for Christmas when I was five.


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