Erica Glyn: Space, Dr. Oz and Crazy Gifts

It’s 1am and Dirty Dancing has just started. Five year old me wants to stay up and watch the whole thing, but the 25 year old me knows that after my fingers tire from typing this text, it’s time to hit the hay because I actually have to be up early tomorrow. Then I look at what lay below the words coming to my head right now and it’s an interview with New York artist Erica Glyn, and I wonder if she stayed up to watch Patrick Swayze in all his glory tonight too…Probably not, because she’s not only a singer, but she has producing and engineering skills too. So her plates probably a lot fuller than mine is. So get to know her a bit more, like where she recommends to hit up in the Big Apple, what aliens would think of her music, find out some noteworthy people she’s worked with and more!

Kendra Beltran: Dealing with solely musicians, it’s rare that we get to talk to someone who deals with behind the scenes aspects of creativity. Can you pinpoint the moment in your life that you wanted to go into engineering and producing?

Erica Glyn: As a kid I spent a lot of time listening to records focusing on one instrument at a time. For example, I would listen through an entire album focusing only on what the bass was doing…then I would focus on the lead guitar etc. I was really curious what each part was doing and how it contributed to the final outcome of the song. I wanted to make music and write songs and play in a band, but I also wanted to make records, so I went to work at a recording studio. One of my first experiences in the studio, as a fly on the wall intern, I witnessed a pretty famous female artist lose complete control of her music because she had no idea what was going on in the studio or how anything worked and that sorta sealed the deal for me. I never wanted to be in that position.

Kendra: On top of those skills, you also have this trippy, folk rock, “rocktronica” sound. For those who aren’t familiar, what the heck is rocktronica?

Erica: Rocktronica is well…. rock music with electronica influences. Or is it electronic music with rock influences…

Kendra: Working with people such as Hilary Clinton, Dr. Oz and Michael J. Fox, do you take from what they’ve done and put that into your music? Maybe not singing about Bill’s Oval Office scandals, but does the good they’ve done inspire you, or are your inspirations purely musical?

Erica: I think working with those types of people influence me as a person more than as a musician. Seeing how people who operate at such high levels in our society up close and personal for hours and days at a time in a pretty intimate setting as a recording studio is very educational.

Kendra: For those who haven’t had the pleasure to visit your hometown, what’s a “Commonplace” you’d suggest for someone looking to engulf their selves in NYC’s musical scene?

Erica: I’m not really sure what you mean in reference to “Commonplace” but I always love going to Zebulon in Williamsburg because you can walk in there any day of the week and hear really innovative music performed with tremendous musicianship.

Kendra: I was referring to one of your songs, but speaking of NYC, I read today that you can buy air not only from NYC, but Paris as well. That leads to me to ask…What’s the stupidest gimmick gift you’ve ever bought?

Erica: I once bought my dad a roll of toilet paper from Texas that read: Texas Cowboy Toilet Tissue – It’s rough and tough and won’t take crap off anyone.

Kendra: Something that’s not a gimmick, your latest album Static. It has an overall spacey pop sound in songs like “High,” so if the Mars Odyssey took a copy of Static up to Mars and aliens found it, what do you think their impression would be?

Erica: After they laughed about the humans still using archaic technology, they’d probably want to smoke a joint and make out.

Kendra: Probably not going to get to any other planets, but do you have plans to tour this year?

Erica: Yes! I will be performing in NYC this fall and then heading back to Europe the end of October, performing at The Bedford and Regal Room in London Nov 1st and 2nd respectively.

Kendra In keeping with “I Do,” we want you to make a mixtape of your top 5 songs you’d put on a wedding mixtape the couple could use on their honeymoon, go!

Baby (1971)” Os Mutantes
Lovely Day” Bill Withers
Oh Yoko” John Lennon
Cocoon” Bjork
These Arms Of Mine” Otis Redding


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