Get Scared: Built For Blame, Laced For Shame

In the silence of an apartment, as I await someone to return a text, I sit and stare at this Word document with familiar phrases and notes about Get Scared’s Built For Blame, Laced For Shame. As I try to map together something constructive to say about it, the wheels in my mind are moving as fast as a cheetah missing its hind legs.

What my fingers can type is that Get Scared aren’t scary at all. They’re actually anything but. By the name of the band and the music that comes before the singing kicks in, you’d think it was one of those bands with that new metal smell that has those hard to understand words, but nope. It’s heavy rock infused with a set of pipes that sounds theatrical yet, controlled.

Still no text back as this paragraph begins…So let’s move to “Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun.” Once again, the music sets you up for one thing and then this operatic voice comes out of nowhere to take you away. It is like what Jared Leto does in 30 Seconds to Mars. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he can hit some powerful notes when he wants to. Another one to note is “Built For Blame” due to the waltz like beginning. Then there’s one on the opposite end, “Problematic” that’s hard driving from the start and never eases up.

One has to wonder where this drama comes from in the music, but then you find out Get Scared worked with Erik Ron and it all makes sense. See, Ron has Panic! At The Disco on his resume, enough said.

Get Scared’s Built For Blame, Laced For Shame showcases that hard rock sound with vocals that can carry a melody, so fans of Tokio Hotel and Black Veil Brides (minus the makeup) can look forward to checking out Built For Blame, Laced For Shame when it drops August 28th on Grey Area Records. You can also check Get Scared out on the road with Bad Rabbits and Rob the Cartel. And yes, I got that text I was waiting for…I know you were dying to know.

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