Erica of We Are One: Jazz, Gymnastics and Pitbull

Amidst all the patriotism of the Olympics, there lay a little band down in Florida who is doing their part to stand out in the sea young bands that populate the internet and reality. We Are One may not be in London alongside Phelps, Lochte and The Fab Five, but they’re holding it down, doing their own thing stateside. They take that whole “having a female lead and saxophone” thing to a new level.

Here are some quick facts…No, they don’t sound like a leaf that fell off the Paramore tree. They just don’t encompass that pop rock style. The only thing We Are One’s lead, Erica, has comparable to Ms. Williams is a set of powerful pipes. No, they aren’t a ska band. You see sax and that’s where you want this band to go, instead they headed the other direction and added a jazz vibe to their sound. In the end you get all that jazz wrapped in an indie pop shell.

So keep on keeping on to see what Erica had to say about being the only girl in the We Are One realm, how Warped went and who inspired her natural talent.

Kendra: You guys say you want to bring “love and vitality back to the dynamic human spirit.” First off, what does that exactly mean and second…no, just what exactly does that mean?

Erica: To put it simply, we’re all about spreading love, through our music and through our interactions with fans and people in general. People should believe in themselves and realize their potential. Follow your dreams, stay positive and go after what you want in life.

Kendra: Where are you guys at musically right now? Writing, recording?

Erica: We’re writing new material and in the midst of recording our second EP. Stay tuned, we’re trying on some new styles with these new songs.

Kendra: With the Olympics going on in my ear as I type these out (go Phelps!),  I have to ask if We Are One’s sound was an Olympic event, which would it be and why?

Erica: Gymnastics because if our music had a body, it would have a really nice butt and would be capable of doing crazy flips.

Kendra: The most interesting thing about you guys was that you have this jazz feel in your sound. When it could’ve been easy and more “mainstream” to take the sax and go ska, what made you steer towards jazz?

Erica: A few of our members have jazz in their blood. Trav, Adrian and Jules have experience with playing jazz in the past. My vocals naturally have a jazzy flair.

Kendra: Now Erica, you have a force behind your voice that not a lot of women do when fronting a band. So where do you draw your vocal inspiration from?

Erica: The emotion in my voice definitely comes from the experiences I’ve had in life. My biggest technical influence is Anthony Green, hands down.

Kendra: Congrats on playing Warped! Was your home turf good to you guys?

Erica: We had a great turn out this year. We have amazing friends who are unbelievably supportive.

Kendra: Not just at Warped, but with any show…ever encounter any rude hecklers on the road?

Erica: Thankfully, no. 🙂

Kendra: Will you be leaving Florida any time soon to play shows?

Erica: Nothing planned at the moment but it’s definitely one of our long term goals.

Kendra: Again Erica, you sing “not as fragile as you think” and that made me wonder if that’s the kind of mindset you have to have when in a band with six lovely men?

Erica: I should let them answer this… but… yeah they know I’m a tough little lady 😉 We have mutual respect though. It’s all love.

Kendra: Sticking on that note for a second, what’s the biggest perk about being the lone girl?

Erica: Having six hilarious, goofball little brothers who make me cry with laughter and stick up for me all the time.

Kendra: Now for an oddball question. With a song called “Chemistry” you have to spill about your most hated class in school…

Erica: The one with the teacher. 😉

Kendra: Okay, mixtape time…Florida hasn’t gotten a lot of positivity in the news due to some court cases and scandals. So if you had to make a mixtape of 5 songs that would give your home state their good name back, which would you pick? We’ll call it “Florida’s A Good Guy” mixtape!

Back That Ass Up” Juvenile
Take it to the House” Trick Daddy
Tremendo Culo” Pitbull
Take You To Da Movies” Bangs
I Know You Want Me” Pitbull

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