Marcus from Up and Atom: OTPs and Stage-Cosplay

There’s something about the world of science fiction that I am both equally repulsed by and drawn to. The idea of space is so vast, which makes room for the best entertainment and the worst. (I won’t say which is which! That’s for another blog entirely.) I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that everyone has at least one favorite alien, spaceman…what have you, because when you think about it – the idea of something bigger and beyond us, is terrifying…but also considerably intriguing.

For Melbourne band Up and Atom‘s guitarist, Marcus, science and space has been a heavy influence on him both creatively and personally. From the band’s name alone, it’s easy to gather that geekdom lives within each member. Having recently visited Australia’s Comic Con, I asked a few questions that progress mostly into, you guessed it, The Next Generation.

Ashley Jean: Being something of a fangirl myself, sometimes I can’t help but to incorporate elements of my favorite fandom (mainly Doctor Who) into my creative process. Have you ever found yourself wanting to write a song about, or that alludes to themes and such Star Trek and Stargate?

Marcus: Well in the past, I was in a grind band called “Harsiesis” (the word is gou’ld for the human child of two Gou’ld and it possesses all the knowledge of the gou’ld). We used to play the Stargate theme song as one of our songs, and the lyrics directly reflected events in the program. However, in response to Up and Atom, we don’t incorporate any Sci-Fi programs into the lyrics. However, I wrote a couple of songs as I was watching all of Next Gen, so I believe that it definitely had an effect on my creative ability.

Ashley Jean: Now, incorporating elements into the creative process can also mean cosplaying at rehearsals and shows. Would you consider being Captain Jean-Luc Picard on stage? How do you think he might act if he were a musician?

Marcus: Funny you ask that – I have seriously thought about purchasing the “Next Gen” uniform and wearing it on stage. However, it would be Commander Data’s uniform, not Picard’s which I would choose.

In regards to how Picard would act on stage, I would say that from the episodes in which he plays his flute, he would take it very seriously and stand quite still. However, I think that the passion and enjoyment he gets from playing it would be able to be felt by the audience (you need to see
if you haven’t already the episode of “Next Gen” when Picard lives a lifetime of a man’s life on another planet. Seriously…such a mind blowing episode).

Ashley Jean: Setting aside the instruments for a moment, I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about living in these fantastical worlds. If you were a character in Stargate, Star Trek, or anything else you admire, which fandom would if be and what could readers/viewers expect from your

Marcus: I think i would be similar to Daniel Jackson character from Stargate SG-1. I don’t think I’d get involved in combat as that’s not my thing. I’m more of the guy to analyse the culture, language or problem and find a possible answer. (When I say Daniel Jackson, I mean from the the first 7 seasons. After that, he gets a bit of an ego and becomes “macho,” and I’m unable to relate to him.)

Ashley Jean: I’m under the impression that everyone has an OTP (one true pairing), so who’s yours?

Marcus: I think Colonel O’neil and Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1. Throughout the program (until Richard Dean Anderson leaves), there is so much sexual tension between the two (especially from Jack towards Sam). I believe that they were destined to be together haha.

Ashley Jean: Finally, could you create a personal soundtrack for Stargate? Top 5 songs for the following: theme song, opening song, battle scene, climactic scene, and closing scene.

Marcus: I would use Iron Maiden songs and Dio songs for all of those scenes. “The Trooper,” for battle scenes; theme song, possibly, “Can I Play With Madness“; opening song, probably “Rainbow in the Dark“; climactic scene, I would say, “The Wicker Man“; and closing scene, “Run To The Hills” haha. I think Maiden and Dio are such good bands for building suspense.


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