The After Party: Kansas

Back in 1999 you could find me waiting for the school day to be over so I could hurry home to squeal at acts like Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears on TRL. Sadly that afternoon delight is long gone and I’m an adult now (at least according to numerical age), but that doesn’t mean the teeny bopper in me is dead. I can still admit when the next Teen Beat poster boy is on the rise. So if you haven’t been introduced to The After Party yet, here you go…They have a new EP Kansas and if they aren’t your new favorite band, they’re definitely pegged to be your next guilty pleasure.

If you’re looking to get hooked instantly, skip “Better Me” and “Here Comes the Rain” and head straight for the other tracks. Those two are good, but not ones to get you wrapped up in boy band goodness. Wait, so this is a boy band? Well they’re young lads in a band, but they play instruments with sweet hooks…so yeah? Think less 98 Degrees and more Jonas Brothers…Wait, they aren’t cool anymore, right? Okay, they’re like a more poppy version of The Cab.

Speaking of, their Cab similarity shines in the blue eyed soul of the sweet love ditty “Still Got Love” and “Unforgettable Nights.” With “She’s Gotta Boyfriend” you’re sitting there thinking that maybe Cobra Starship spawned a baby band and left them to fend for their selves. No worries Gabe Saporta, they’re doing just fine.

So where’s the addiction come in? If the three mentioned above don’t suck you in…”Waste the Day” will. Lyrically it’s cute and made me think of Plain White T’s (“Lazy Day Afternoon”) and Bruno Mars (“The Lazy Song”). Any song that’s about not doing much, is worth the time to sing along to. But musically it’s got One Direction written all over it. It’s fun and so sugary it might cause diabetes.

The After Party is a new generation boy band. They might write cutesy tracks about the ladies, but they’re so damn fun to sing…You might hate yourself later for enjoying their sound. Oh well, we all need a pop fix. So steal some of their lovey dovey lyrics for a Facebook status and hope your crush likes it, and pick of their EP Kansas, out now.

And make sure to see them if you can when they step out on the road with Hollywood Ending, Sandlot Heroes and Almost Hero in late August.


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