Later Dudes: Cartoon Songz & Demo EP Thing

It’s rare a band comes to you with two EPs at one time. If it does occur, you choose one and simply mention the other, include a link and hope people actually care to check out the second one. With Later Dudes, it wasn’t easy to choose, so as I sit with Steve Martin hushed on the TV screen, I am going to run through both Later Dudes’ Cartoon Songz and Demo EP Thing.

I couldn’t pass up an EP that has Plank on it. There’s no way the immature side of me who spent their Saturday off eating snacks and watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends could do that. Cartoon Songz won’t take up too much of your time (a lie if you keep it on repeat), it’s just two songs long, but both are a good time. “The Weak Enders” is about hitting up saving up quarters and hitting the arcade. But it’s “Life Is Pretty Easy” that will steal any 90’s kids’ heart. I just wrote an article about where the characters of Hey Arnold! would be today, and then heard this pop punk rendition of the Nickelodeon staple, and decided that every 99% of people my age can’t shake their childhood…ever.

Then the cartoons stopped when I flipped to another tab and it was Demo EP Thing’s turn. Simple, one word titles that all consisted of a guy pissed about a relationship is the core of that record. Probably channeling a lot of anger, “Mistakes” sounded a lot like Hit The Lights’ This is a Stick Up… Don’t Make it a Murder as far as the content goes with lines like “I hope you choke.”

Later Dudes has these two EPs to offer the world right now, but are currently working hard to continue making a name for their band in the pop punk realm. So check out these two records if you like bands like Handguns and With The Punches, and enjoy a new band to keep track of.


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