Fireworks at Warped: So Random

Saving the best for last? Going to be bias and say yes. Fireworks is one of those bands that falls into your lap, and refuses to leave. Their music gets lumped into that “pop punk revival” category with the likes of The Wonder Years, but to me…They don’t fit there. Their music is fit for the Warped Tour crowd, but their songs have these out of ordinary structures and infectious hooks that leave set them apart.

Missing their press time in Irvine I waited around in Pomona. Then in a back and forth texting session with their tour manager, Baloni, we just decided to do the interview in their bus. There were some questions that were for them, but in the end we did another popcorn style. When I thought it was over, they wanted to continue. Baloni gave us the go ahead and what came about was a hilarious interview that went on and on and one. The result being a memory I’ll take forever and a two part interview. The first part being a handful of questions that are pretty straight forward and the remainder a Tiger Beat style list of Firework Facts, enjoy!

Kendra Beltran: Gospel came out last year but you didn’t hop on Warped then. You’d think that would’ve been better promotional wise. So why was that?

Adam: I think we wanna do it the year the world ends.
Tymm: That’s kind of what we were going for. This will be the last thug we ever do.
Chris: A lot of it was…for whatever reason we didn’t. Yeah Gospel coming out, and doing Warped after would’ve been the perfect scenario. I don’t know if you remember but we really didn’t do anything. It would’ve been ideal but were stoked to end our album cycle now.

Kendra: With Men In Black 3 coming out, if Agent J used that neurolizer on you, which musical memory would you want to keep?

Chris: We had a show in Omaha, literally no one paid. There was one other band. They were like 40 year old rock dudes. The only people who actually watched out set were maybe one guy from that band, like two, and the girlfriends that came with them. I would actually never get that memory because whenever I think we have a bad show I think about that show and I think okay I’m still doing good. If I ever play a show like that again I’ll just quit.

Adam: I think the memory I would keep is middle finger high-fiving Marilyn Manson. That’s the best.

Dave: I would say we stayed a complete stranger’s house. Why? To remind me of how terrible it could be. It was so nice of him to be inviting and let us stay at his house…the intentions were there, but behind that he was one of the creepiest creatures we’ve ever met. Basically he was like, yeah you can sleep here but you have to be out early. When we wake up, we wake up to his entire family on the kitchen table just staring at us, silent. The tension was fucking growing, radiating all over us. It was so painful. We ended up just sleeping at a gas station.

Tymm: The first time we ever played south Florida was probably one of my favorite music moments. It was just a good feeling because we’d never been the type of band that got good responses anywhere, whatever. We were just touring to get our name out there in the beginning.  But there’s like 21 bands and we were billed last, which when you’re starting off is kind of weird. We were like, dude, this is horrible. Everyone’s going to go home. This sucks, we were kind of bumming. But we noticed a lot of kids weren’t’ leaving, so we were like, is this going to be a good show? It wasn’t necessarily the best show we ever played, but for me one of the most memorable.

Kendra: Have you ever watched New Girl at all with the “Douchebag Jar,” well what’s the number one thing that you think makes someone a douchebag?

Brett: The fact that I don’t like them.
Tymm: People posting pictures of themselves on Instagram. I really think that’s a very weird thing to do, to just find mirror and take a picture of yourself and post it on the Internet. Sorry to my girlfriend.
Adam: Being like the lead singer of a band pretty much does it…
Chris: I’d like to say the way someone looks but then some people end up being really cool. So I’m gonna say anyone who uses the term, and calls me “chief” or “boss.” But honestly if someone calls me boss of chief they’re honestly always a douchebag.

Kendra: Your Mixtape is based off of Dave’s tweets because I just think they’re really funny. He’s always hash tagging ‘merica, so with that and your name being Fireworks I want you to make me a patriotic mixtape, go!

American Badass” Kid Rock
Born in the USA” Bruce Springsteen
La Bamba
Who Let the Dogs Out?” Baha Men
Life is a Highway” Rascal Flatts
Party in the USA” Miley Cyrus

Wait, wait, wait…it isn’t over. Since I had about 45 minutes of interview that was all over the place from games of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” to the discussion of stripper names, the best way to sum up everything is to give the best of the best. And since it’s Warped’s 17th year on the road, it’ll be: 17 Things You Need to Know about Fireworks.

  1. Warped 2012 is Fireworks first tour in a bus.
  2. Adam gets emotional about Power Rangers, “I wanted an autograph but my dad didn’t want to wait because the line was too long, like through the door, around the mall. My dad was like, we are not waiting in this line, so we went into the mall and watched for a little bit. And Jason did a back flip of something. I think I had tears in my eyes actually.”
  3. If Dave lost his luggage on tour he’d be pissed about losing his leather suit or kitty calendar.
  4. If Tymm dated Taylor Swift and he broke her heart, she’d write a song called “The Most Successful Relationship I’ve Ever Had” about him.
  5. If Brett took up stripping, his stage name would be “Nicky Mayfield” and Adam would be the less sexy sounding “Shaq Doris.”
  6. Tymm admits, “We’re pretty awkward to photograph.”
  7. To clarify, Chris tells of one of the weirdest shoots they ever did where they got no direction in the end, “We had to this photo shoot where they set all these lights up, like had this nice camera. Three people assisting, and we thought man, this is going to be pretty crazy. Then when it’s time to go, it’s like…what do you want us to do? Dave and I ended up in those leather bondage masks. “
  8. If you ask Adam “Where’s Waldo?” he’ll respond, “He’s probably in San Diego with Carmen.”
  9. Dave and Chris would go old school if they could appear on a cartoon as a band; Ahh! Real Monsters, Doug or Rocko’s Modern Life.
  10. Ryan Reynolds gets no love from Tymm for sucking as The Green Lantern.
  11. Chris said one time their bassist Kyle had their manager email Carly Rae Jepsen’s manager with the following question, “How many dates do you think you’d go out with me?” Then it took Jepsen’s manager a week to reply with a “I don’t think I understand the question. “
  12. When playing “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, all agreed Paris was the definite kill.
  13. Adam and Brett both would want Van Morrison to sing at their funerals.
  14. “I think it’s safe to say everyone in this bus would marry Ryan Gosling,” according to Adam when they were asked “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Phillippe.
  15. Tymm likes to randomly sing One Direction amidst long interviews.
  16. As a band there was a lot of confusion as to who Demi Lovato was.
  17. “We’re like a bunch of Zooey’s. We’re so random,” according to Dave.

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  1. […] Talking has never been my strong point, so when it comes to interviewing people – I love to come up with questions and send them over in an email. The problem with signing up for press at Warped Tour though is that there is no computer screen between you and the person those questions are aimed at. I’d suck it up though to avoid paying for a ticket and sometimes the people I talked to backstage were pretty awesome like Soupy from The Wonder Years or the guys of All Time Low, and some were horrendous like…well, we’ll just stick with the nice ones and none of them were as cool as the dudes from Fireworks. […]

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