Dave and Steve of Echo Movement: Clicks, Dates and Smash Mouth

One of the best things to come out of my old job was the relationships I formed with artists. To me they weren’t dollar signs, they were people with dreams, and I think that’s why I truly left in the end. Some of the best people I’ve ever had the right to get to know spawned from that job that took its toll on me and one of the coolest people I had an email friendship was Dave of Echo Movement.

He was just one of the six men who called not only Ashbury Park, New Jersey, but Echo Movementhome. We had emailed to and from for about two years before his reggae rock band booked the entire Warped Tour. I was happy they’d find their place amongst the pop punk and screamo on the Marley Stage this summer.

And again, for some bands we didn’t want the general questions. We allowed them to pick from over 100 and whatever number they chose, that’s what they answered (funny though, many picked the same numbers).  So just to let you know, Echo Movement has a new album fans can pick up on September 4th. It’s called Love and the Human Outreach and according to the brothers Dave and Steve, it will have sounds from actual space. Yup, they went and contacted the big guys to make this legit.

Other than intergalactic sounds, Dave was put to the test to describe the album like his favoritevegetarian delight or whatever the fuck it’s called” from Subway. So we’ll let him tell you what you can expect on Love and the Human Outreach.

“There is a lot of high quality ingredients on the album that make for a well-rounded listening experience and it has a lot of resonance. To me it’s mentally nourishing the same way the sandwich would be. It’s like clean in an otherwise meat packed restaurant. The album is based on science. We wrote the entire thing to be based on science.”

Now for the rest of the interview; brotherly love, perfect dates and embarrassing musical tastes and more…

Kendra: The top song you played when you were down and out in high school?

Dave: “People Are Strange” by The Doors.
Steve: Good answer! I don’t know if I have one.

Kendra: You weren’t an angsty teen?

Dave: It would’ve been Nirvana.
Steve: You’re right. It could’ve been Nirvana. It could’ve been Beck. I don’t like feeling down and out so I like to kind of just get it out and Beck seems to talk about it depression and things like that openly on some of his albums. I like that about him, just like Kurt Cobain did too.

Kendra: One CD in your collection that you try to hide from others? Like Nickelback or Smash Mouth…

Steve: I do have Smash Mouth. I do have Smash Mouth. That’s perfect. Actually no, you hit the nail on the head. I have that album and that one track is awesome. “Walking on the Sun.” I guess that’s as far as I’d be willing to admit.
Dave: Trying to think. I have some pretty embarrassing Mp3s. Oh, can I answer it in a few?

Kendra: Sure, we’ll try and remember and come back to it (we never did…) Are there clicks at Warped Tour? Like do the pop punk bands kind of hang, or by the stages?

Steve: Absolutely there are clicks. It’s very, very clicky. Everyone’s on the same team so everyone tries to be, you know if you’re in line to get food or for the bathroom, people are really courteous. You’ll start a little conversation or something like that. But as far as chilling in between gigs and stuff like that, it’s very…it’s either genre specific or stage specific.
Dave: It’s pretty accurate what he said. I would say everybody’s more friendly than they are clicky. You have groups of friends not necessarily clicks. In other words they’d be willing to be your friend if you were willing to be their friend. It’s just a matter of having the opportunity to meet them. But everybody on tour is really friendly with some judgment peppered in.

Kendra: What was the first thing you did when you turned 18?

Steve: I got sick beyond my wildest dreams; alcohol poisoning for about two days. Completely regret it. No, actually I don’t regret it because lesson learned and alcohol is not good for you.
Dave: I can’t remember. I have a problem is I can’t remember birthdays or holidays. Can’t remember them for the life of me. If you asked me what I got my birthday last year I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Kendra: Pierce the Veil answered this one earlier, but it’s a fun one. Magic Mike, the male stripper and best movie of the year comes out next week…so what would your stripper name be? We used first pet and street they grew up on.

Steve: Bugs Hampton.
Dave: Bubblegum Hampton.

Kendra: What’s your idea of the perfect date and try to keep it PG…I don’t need the nitty gritty.

Steve: Honestly I’m a big fan if deep conversation. I like love deep conversations about life, people, science, space, being here, food, whatever. I’ll talk about anything. For me personally I like being in a chill environment and having a good conversation.
Dave: Same thing. Me and my girlfriend have great dates all the time. They consist of being together. It doesn’t matter . We like to get tuned up on the car ride over to this place in Belmar, NJ called Kaya’s  Kitchen, and we eat there all the time. It’s a vegan restaurant and even though we’re vegetarians, we go. It’s an awesome place. And just like my brother. We like to have these really deep conversations, and that pretty much sums it up.

Kendra: You play a lot of venues but what’s your favorite venue to go to as just a fan?

Steve & Dave: Stone Pony in Ashbury Park.
Steve: The legendary Stone Pony. Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen.
Dave: It’s the cornerstone venue in New Jersey. That’s where I like to go.

Kendra: Now it’s time to make us a “Brotherly Love” Mixtape, go!

Dave & Steve:
Bob Marley “Natural Mystic
Beck “Novacane
The Beatles “Across the Universe
The Doors “When the Music’s Over
The Police “Walking on the Moon


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