Alex and Jack of All Time Low: Hopeless, Cold Sores and Will Smith

A couple years ago there were two songs that were catchy as hell and both bands were playing Warped Tour. One was checking yes with a chick named Juliet and the other was talking about Maria. Sadly my friend and I watched We The Kings, so it took some time for me to fall head over heels for All Time Low. Yes, their age demographic is on the young side and they’re pop rock isn’t the pop punk I grew up with, but after seeing them countless times when me and my roommate got a bit obsessive (her more than me), I was convinced that they were a talented band who would lead the way for many youths in the next wave of Warped teens.

Then came a bump in the road when they released their last record, Dirty Work. It was their major label debut and it was…well let’s just say One Direction could’ve sung some of those songs. But every band is bound to have those mishaps, but the great thing is that one oopsie hasn’t stopped All Time Low. They’re recording new music, on Warped Tour all summer and may or may not be going back to their home on Hopeless Records.

So after about a 30 minute wait at Warped, I got to sit in the lovely shade with Jack and Alex for a quick chat and let it be known that this will go down as a favorite memory for me, between Jack saying he wasn’t going to talk much, then well, you’ll see…to Alex and I calling Jack a racist, enjoy! And if you want to know why we joked, tweet us!

Kendra: If you had to compare the new albums sound to a cocktail which would it be and why?

Alex: A dirty martini.
Jack: Shaken no stirred.
Alex: Because I don’t know. It’s a tough question to answer. It’s a good mix of delicious things, but at the same time it’s got a little bit of bitterness to it.

Kendra: You date Taylor Swift and break her heart, what’s the name of the song she writes about you?

Jack: What a Jackass.
Alex: I Dated a Member of All Time Low and All I Got was This Cold Sore.

Kendra: Do you think a tour with NFG would fare well with your fans and theirs?

Alex: I think so. I think it’s similar enough kind of music that I think everybody can enjoy it. Obviously you sometimes get the mix of people that like don’t like the newer pop punk, whatever, but at the same time one of the cool things about us and a band like New Found Glory is that we have similar attitudes to the way we approach our music and that is just to enjoy what we do, and believe wholeheartedly in what we do.
Jack: And our live shows are all about having fun.
Alex: Yeah.
Jack: And I think our fans and their fans know that, so I think they’d all have a really good time.

Kendra: Do you think that could happen in the future?

Alex: I would love to think so.

Kendra: I intended at Hopeless last year and was bombarded with how much your fans love you. So what is the heartwarming thing a fan has ever said to  you besides “I wanna have your babies?!”

Jack: That’s it. You nailed it.
Alex: I’m told a lot of sweet things by our listeners and I think the coolest thing to me is the fact that when we set out to make music we never knew we were going to change anybody’s lives. And the music itself has changed our lives and put us in a really amazing place, given us a lot of amazing opportunities. So you know when someone says our music save them or helped them in any way, it’s kind of a payoff. It makes me feel like it’s come full circle.
Jack: The funny thing is the dynamic between our fans an each band member. They’ll walk up to Alex and be like, your lyrics saved my life. I love you so much. Jack, nice dick dude.

Kendra: Is there any signs of going back to Hopeless soon?

Alex: We shall see. We’re undecided still about what label we’re signing with, but I’m sure we’ll have an announcement soon.

Kendra: What is the most awkward thing you’ve had to do in a photos shoot?

Jack: Sucking on bananas. At the time we were like, this is so cool. And now we’re like, I hope our kids never see it.
Alex: Yeah it’s one of those things where we immediately said, as soon as I have kids I’m gonna regret it.
Jack: When I have kids I’m gonna burn those pictures and throw them out the window to make sure they never see them.

Kendra: With Men in Black 3 coming out, if Will Smith used that neurolizer on you but you could only keep one musical memory, which would it be?

Jack: Great question.
Alex: The first time I heard the album Dookie.
Jack: I’m gonna give two answers.

Kendra: Alright, only asked for one but that’s okay.

Jack: I’m gonna give you two. Please, I need this. We did the Fall Out Boy tour. That was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done and Pete let me play bass with them on stage every night. And also we got to open up for Blink on your in Europe, and they’re the reason why we started playing music. So those two memories right there.

Kendra: You guys have all your dick jokes and so on so you guys are gonna make, a “Getting Busy Mixtape,” go!

Jack & Alex:
N***ers in Paris” Jay-Z and Kanye West
Anything Frank Sinatra (I warned him he was going to have a lot of Frank thrown at him now)
Anything by The Weeknd
Anything by Drake
The Power Rangers theme song
Happy Holidays, You Bastard” Blink-182


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