Warped Tour in Pomona with We Are The In Crowd

This year Warped Tour was about nostalgia for most with Taking Back Sunday, The Used and New Found Glory. Yes, those bands for who I was stoked to see, but I’m not one of those people in their mid-20’s that’s against new music. I love music and to disregard something because of some redundant reason like age, would be just plain stupid. So two years ago I stood probably the oldest in the crowd, and watched We Are The In Crowd. Not much has changed in those couple of years except that WATIC is now a bigger hit with the younger Warped goers due to their association with another tween favorite, All Time Low.

In the heat of Pomona the Tilly’s stage stood near the beer garden where you could hear the incessant drunken ramblings of the 909’s greatest. Thankfully that was drowned out when the precocious We Are The In Crowd came on. They’re fronted by a pint sized Taylor Jardine and what I like to call baby John Krasinski, Jordan Eckes. They don’t let the female take the lead like almost every other band out there. With an EP and an LP, their set is easy to get into for fans because they should’ve been able to learn every song these New Yorkers throw at them.

“Rumor Mill” and “Never What You What You Want” are instant sing-a-longs due to their MTV popularity. On TV? Oh no, the internets. You know that channel doesn’t show videos anymore. The crowd was into new ones from their latest Best Intentions like “The Worst Thing About Me,” but nothing measured up to their “Lights Out” excitement. Oh wait, there was one point in the set where the youths flipped out more…When All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth came out to sing “Kiss Me Again” with them. You think being in the middle of a say, Memphis May Fire pit is scary? Try being in the way of a young girl trying to get to the band boy who covers her bedroom walls.

The band and the crowd had a good time and despite Jordan murdering “For The Win,” it was a good set. They’re young, catchy and have grown a lot on stage since I started loving them two years ago. So if it fits into your schedule, check them out and fall in love with their sassy lyrics and good ol’ pop rock style.


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