Warped Tour in Irvine with New Found Glory

Sometimes I consider not being friends with people who aren’t into New Found Glory. Hear me out, though before you think this is harsh. When I took the step (be it not that far) from bubblegum pop into Invader Zim tees and music sold in Hot Topic there were a few bands that solidified that era for me and New Found Glory has been the number one constant since then. They’ve never had an album that was a full on fail, okay, Coming Home isn’t on repeat, but still. They know how to put out amazing music, but more importantly they know how to put on a show that makes you want to quit life and follow their tours.  And after three days of seeing them on Warped Tour I sit here on a Monday night just sad that I won’t be seeing them anymore this summer.

Decked out in NFG basketball uniforms, the men of New Found Glory hit the stage to a with their old school signature “Hit or Miss.” From the first “let’s go,” fans, young and old, had their fists in the air and were pumped despite the Irvine heat (hey weather.com, you said it’d be a nice day). Oh Mr. Lyman, couldn’t they have played when the sun went down?

With three thirds of the set coming from Sticks and Stone, it appears that maybe they’re gearing up for that 10 year anniversary of the album with “Understatement,” “Something I Call Personality” and wrapping the whole thing up with the signature “My Friends Over You.”

The treat for the super older fans was the Green Day cover of “Basket Case.” But for those who went to numerous dates of the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour, we were over it. It appeared not many made it out to that tour, because the majority of the crowd ate it up like it was the freshest thing on the block.

New Found Glory is luckily on the whole tour so their diehards from day one can go and see the band that continues to do what they do best, and the younger folks who think pop punk just sprang up from bands like The Wonder Years and fellow Warped Tour performers this year, Man Overboard…Can learn a little pop punk history.

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