Ventura Warped Tour with Taking Back Sunday

Do you remember where you were when you heard about Warped Tour’s 2012 lineup? I can sort of recall the time and place and the level of excitement for bands like New Found Glory and We Are The In Crowd…Love those babies. But I can distinctly remember when my BFF commented about Taking Back Sunday being a part of it. I was ecstatic.

TBS is one of those bands that don’t need stage gimmicks or antics. Their stage for Warped is decorated only with the backdrop of a banner and musicians who showcase a thoroughbred amount of talent. That was the case every time I seen them the past week, including the last day I got to go to in Ventura.

All Time Low seemed to go a second or so over with “Dear Maria” on the other main stage next door, but the crowd sat anxiously waiting for TBS. Then the opening of Lion King welcomes the band on stage. It’s safe to say no one is topping that intro all summer.

The crowd was lukewarm to the new songs like “El Paso” and “Faith.”  Seeing them three days, the set list rarely changed, but luckily FUSE is there streaming, so the band adds an extra Tell All Your Friends hit for the cameras. The cameras also cause the Ventura crowd to pick up the energy a bit more, but I have to say the Irvine crowd was a bit more excited. Back to Ventura though, we got “You’re So Last Summer,” and loved every second.

And if you’re a fan of Where You Want To Be, than don’t hold your breath because they’ll probably only continue to play “A Decade Under The Influence.” The rest of the set list is tailored to the original line up and the commercial success of Louder Now.

The set was great and the crowd was on top of their game, but the band…Let’s talk about the band. Everyone just does their own thing and is in the moment and that’s great. I think people always just depend on leading man Adam Lazzara to bring the commentary, charm and of course the mic swinging; which he did. Despite being 10 years older and having a fuller frame than when fangirls fell for him, all that’s secondary to the confidence he wears so well when he portrays with every note he delivers. He’s a showman with audiences in the palm of his hand and he knows it.

In Ventura TBS played and then there was a break for the other main stage, and then New Found Glory closed the night for me. To say that it was a perfect Sunday would be an understatement. Let’s hope your Warped Tour is an great and that you check out Taking Back Sunday when they roll into your town, because let’s be honest, they’re one of a handful of bands you need to see before you parish. Okay, that might be a bit drastic? Nope. See them this summer, that’s an order.


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