Radio Rescue’s Mike: Disney, Heartbreak and Whiffle Ball

The invention of Youtube killed what I loved, MTV. Now any and every “artist” out there can become an overnight star with one viral hit. Look at Justin Bieber (who is amazing) and Rebecca Black (who is not). The vast amount of talent and lack thereof on Youtube is astonishing. With that site you can learn how to sew and find your new favorite band, but I’m not one of those people who sit on it all day for fun. It’s my job to scour the depths of the Tube and look for artists. Sometimes I wish my ears would seal shut from the delusional girls who think just because they know Katy Perry songs, means they can sing them just as well. Then there are other days where I fall in love and am thankful that bands like Radio Rescue exist.

They’re a pop punk band hailing from Ohio who stole my heart with their amazing Disney cover. Then with the power of Facebook, I had to get in touch and find out a bit more about everyone’s new favorite band. They’re looking to hit the studio soon to follow up their last effort Ready or Not, are not opposed to Disney and don’t go searching for heartbreak…but rather than let me do all the talking, check out what Mike Hertsenberg (vox) of Radio Rescue had to say.

Kendra Beltran: All day at work I sit on Youtube and log bands. It’s extremely boring minus the sometimes gems I come across. Your guys “Under the Sea” cover was the highlight of my week when I heard it. Was that the first choice in the Disney catalogue to put your spin on?

Mike: Yes, “Under the Sea” was our first choice. It is upbeat and fun to move around too, plus the Little Mermaid is awesome! BIG props to Ricky (lead guitar/vox) for making the arrangement for the cover!

Kendra: You’re hopefully hitting the studio later this summer, so we’re going to focus on your last record, Ready or Not. If you had to compare that record to a Disney film, which would you compare it to and why?

Mike: If I had to compare Ready or Not to a Disney movie… I would have to say Toy Story. Although each member of the band may have a different opinion, I would say Toy Story because we are all just kids at heart, doing what we love; playing with our “toys” (instruments).

Kendra: On Ready or Not the little dude has a boombox, you have a tee with a cassette and your name has radio. It’s kind of apparent you guys are fans of the “old school” culture. So if you could bring back one thing from yesteryear that sadly isn’t around anymore, what would it be and why?

Mike: One thing I wish we could bring back from “yesteryear” would probably be the awesome TV shows in the 90’s. You know, All That, Rocket Power, Doug, Hey Arnold, the original Scooby-Doo series, etc. Yes I know the 90’s aren’t technically “yesteryear”, but being a 90’s kid growing up, that’s what comes to mind.

Kendra: Something not so old school is your influences; Go Radio, Mayday Parade and All Time Low are among the younger bands that you guys look up to. What is it about these three do you take in to account when creating music?

Mike: The biggest thing we take into account from those three bands has got to be the song writing. I don’t mean the music, but more so the lyrics. For instance, all of Go Radio’s songs have feeling with them because Jason Lancaster writes about what he feels, and expresses that in the music. The biggest thing we have been working on with our newer material is to not just write a catchy song, but to write about what we feel, so it can come through in the music. It makes a big difference.

Kendra: It’s obvious that some of the best songs in any genre are about heartbreak. Do you personally hope for a breakup to fuel the writing process ever?

Mike: Personally I don’t ever “hope” for heartbreak. I believe some of the greatest songs can also come from the happiest times of our lives. Like I mentioned before, as long as you can emphasize how you feel, within the song; that’s what makes the song great. Songs about heartbreak are good because you can “feel” the emotion and the pain in the singer’s voice. The same can be true for other songs as well though.

Kendra: In terms of the band and your goals, do you guys ever have meetings to take about those sorts of things, game plans if you will?

Mike: Every once in a while we will take a band practice just to sit and talk about future stuff, whether it be possible shows, recording, new songs, touring, or what direction we want to go in. These vary depending on how busy we are with booking and what we feel we need to accomplish at that time.

Kendra: Since personally discovering you on Youtube, I’ve hit up your Facebook countless times and going off one of your tracks on there. If the world was going to end in 17 days, what would be the number one thing the band would have to do?

Mike: The number one thing the band would have to do if the world was going to end in 17 days would probably be to play as many games of whiffle ball as we could.

Kendra: Hopefully you said play some shows, but not in Florida since they’ve had some zombie-like activity recently. Just kidding, you can play there, just be careful, and since we’re on the subject…Any places fans can see you guys soon? More importantly, anything on the west coast soon (since I’m in SoCal)?

Mike: Haha, yeah we’ll keep an eye out for zombies. I think we’ve seen enough Walking Dead to protect ourselves. But right now we are booking some local shows and headlining a local pop-punk festival-esk type show. So far, nothing out west, but we are looking to start getting out that way as soon as we can.

Kendra: Last one, we end every interview with a mixtape and yours is going to be 5 songs that you could play on repeat forever. You know, kind of how the radio world works? This will be your “Radio Realm Mixtape.”

Mike: Hmmm a mixtape on repeat forever… while I can’t speak for the whole band, mine would be:
1. “You’re the Inspiration” Chicago
2. “Therapy” Relient K
3. “Letters and Love Notes” Go Radio
4. “Hotel California” The Eagles
5. “Crash Into Me” The Dave Matthews Band


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