At The Roxy with PK: Vampires, One Direction and Royalty

It seems we’re always at The Roxy when a bands popping their cherry. Last month with Georgia boys, Namesake, and this time around with PK. A group of fresh-faced dudes from California, played to a decent sized crowd for their second time in Hollywood.

They drew in a mostly female crowd. Young girls who appeared dressed for a club instead of a show. Back in my day we dressed like we were going to Warped Tour no matter where the show was. But the fashion came in second as the set began with “Catch.” I was impressed by PK’s frontman, Travis’ bravery as he hung from the rafters. Did he clear that with the owners beforehand, was all I could think.

The only person braver than Travis was poor Matt over on guitar. He garnered the drunkest and one of the oldest women in the crowd. By the second song, she was causing a raucous of sorts leading Matt to say my favorite thing ever, “You can touch me, but not the buttons.” When “Some Nights” started she’d abandoned her man. Finally PK had the spotlight back. “1920” was the musical highlight as Travis took it on acoustic and then was joined by the rest of PK to finish it out strong. Other than that it was a set sprinkled with crowd favorites like “London” and “Not in Love.” Some even had two young men in the crowd fist pumping like they were watching a sports event. All in all it was a good night youthful Indie rock that would resonate well with Picture Atlantic and Endless Hallway fans. Now to pass the baton over to Ashley who took on the interview portion…

Unlike one member of PK, I have my feet planted firmly on the ground with no intentions of losing my footing on this interview. (I am just that cool.)

Close to almost a year ago, Golden Mixtape stumbled upon the lads of PK and decided to shoot them an email. We scored an interview and I learned a lot about literature and their batting averages. I also became a devoted fan and began watching their transformation from small band to almost-famous. They’re now something big in a country far away from here and have played shows in venues like Los Angeles’, The Roxy. And one time, (and you’ll soon discover for yourself), One Direction asked them to tour with them.

But while their popularity is ever-expanding, they remain humble and took some time out with us again to catch up on the more important matters in life, such as high school memories. Which is where this whole baton thing comes in…

Ashley Jean: You’ve been Instagraming a lot on this tour and most of it is food. Which 7-Eleven food best describes The Lost Boy Sessions Tour thus far?

Travis: Pizza pockets. How about Thailand? Michael and I took a trip to Thailand and they love 7-11. I never go to 7-11 in the States but, over there, it’s like the go-to place for everybody. But they sell the craziest stuff, so it’s like…uh Thai seafood noodle Pringles. And weird…they have like, not squid Pringles – seaweed Pringles!

Nick: I would say one of those pink snowflake things or a ding dong…snowballs! Snowballs!

Ashley Jean: It seems like you had a pirate’s cove kind of adventure in Mesa. Did you guys find any treasure down there?

Matt: Well back at home, Pirate’s Cove is a nude beach, so it’s a bit confusing, but Pirates of the Caribbean style? Definitely. I found jewels. Lots of jewels.

Nick: No, he found booty.

Ashley Jean: Recently, you performed at the Golden Trailer Awards in Beverly Hills. So I’m curious Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or Breaking Dawn Part II?

Nick: This is so easy, Breaking Dawn Part II.

Rico: Abraham Lincoln.

Travis: Do you guys like vampires or werewolves more?

Ashley Jean: I like ghosts.

Kendra: Serial killers.

Ashley Jean: Serial killers turn people into ghosts so, there you go!

Ashley Jean: The “Chasing the Sky,” music video was just shot. How’d that go? Any wardrobe malfunctions?

Nick: Oh, I cut my finger. That was ‘bout it. My thumb got all cut up and it’s still kinda healing. I shoved my thumb into a piece of broken glass and then I just shot blood all over my shoes and stuff. Some guy must have broken a bottle and I just put my thumb into it.

Travis: Other than that, I think a couple of shirts got torn off.

Matt: I’ve popped all the buttons on my pants but not because I’m fat, but because I was rocking out too hard. I exploded a pair of pants one time, not at that, but at a different show. My whole pants exploded. My crotch exploded straight out of my pants.

Ashley Jean: And then you did some acoustic stuff for The Insider. Does doing this kind of publicity make you feel more, I hate to say famous, but…famous?

Rico: We’re already wildly famous in Finland, so it doesn’t really change things. I just feel like I’m in Finland right now.

Travis: That’s right.

Nick: Ditto.

Ashley Jean: You’ve played some high schools lately. You know what’s coming next: most embarrassing high school moment. Go!

Travis: We were really cool in school. We were all really cool.

Matt: I did track in my first year and if was my first competition and then they had me run the 400 hundred which is like, really fast. And like, I handed off the baton to my buddy and I just ate crap and fell in front of everybody and everyone laughed at me. And yeah…I didn’t win. Actually, maybe we did win, but I didn’t win because of that.

Nick: Michael and Travis won homecoming king and queen like three years in a row. I mean, not together…

Travis: And when we did it, we had to go down…and Michael’s sister was homecoming queen with me…and we had to dance in front of the whole school and it was really embarrassing because it was a ho-down. We come from a really cowboy town so, it was embarrassing.

Rico: I feel like I peed my pants at least once.

Nick: I pooped mine at least a couple of times. It was when I was trying to hand the baton.

Ashley Jean: Quoting one of the greatest actors ever (according to Kendra), Channing Tatum, The Avengers is the greatest movie of all time. Assign an Avenger character to each member in the band.

Rico: You know what, there’s only like 4 real super heroes in there. Matt, is going to be The Hulk. Travis is Captain America. Let’s see…Nick is going to be Iron Man, that mean’s Michael is Thor and I guess I’m Hawkeye. Well, I’m Hawkeye cause I have crazy-good vision.

Michael: And I’m a golden god.

Matt: And I have split personalities so don’t try to piss me off.

Ashley Jean: You’ve already opened up for some pretty cool bands: Angles and Airwaves, Twin Atlantic…would you ever consider opening up for One Direction?

Travis: We actually got an email on our Facebook from One Direction and it was One Direction’s manager and they were like, “Hey we’re playing in Fresno wanted to see if you wanted to hop on the bill.” So I’m like, calling the guys like, what is going on here? Frist, I don’t really think that would work well but I mean, maybe, but they’re like saying they’re going to play at this little venue at 500 capacity and I was like, they should be selling out huge venues. So it turns out, that there’s a One Direction in the United States and they’re suing the British One Direction but they’re not saying who they are, they just go around getting shows so we felt pretty good to get out of that one.

Matt and Nick: But yes we would tour with the big One Direction.

Ashley Jean: Even though it’s still so early on in your career, is there a PK song that you would absolutely never play live?

Michael: Yup. It’s definitely “Anchors Goes Down.” We will never play that song ever again no matter how much we’re paid, begged…

Nick: That’s a really old song that no one even knows, anyway.

Matt: Brandon, we will never play that. Like you will never read this interview, but we will never play it.

Rico: We wrote a song that people do know that we don’t really play and it’s “Something in the Mist.” We don’t really play that song, either.

Ashley Jean: Lastly, because this is Golden Mixtape, I would like you to create a mixtape! Because the Kings just won and the Queen received an iPod from President Obama for her Jubilee, what top 5 songs would we find on your list if you were royalty?

Matt: I was gonna say, well that might be too cliché, but “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

Michael: Oooh, should I go real bad? “Candle in the Wind”?  Isn’t that the one…We’re gonna skip that one. I don’t know, I’d probably put something dumb like, oh I know! “Mr. Barbeque” by Guttermouth.

Nick: Maybe,“Baby Beluga” by Raffi just ‘cause everyone likes whales.

Travis: “Just Can’t Wait to be King” by Simba from the Lion King.

Rico: “I Like Big Butts,” by Sir Mix-a-lot. He’s a knight too so that’s perfect!

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